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Your inventory investment deserves intelligent allocation.

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Strategically allocate inventory across your network.

Serve All Channels and Locations

The rise of eCommerce and various channels for providing goods to consumers has led to greater challenges in managing the placement of inventory in order to avoid lost sales and keep customers satisfied. The Blue Ridge Allocation application helps retailers maximize their inventory investment by enabling a smart and simple way to position goods across channels and locations.

Determining when and where to position inventory is a complex challenge. The Blue Ridge Allocation application simplifies this challenge with a flexible, logic-based approach. Via multiple methods of push allocation, users drive a prioritized allocation of supply from upper echelons to lower echelons.

The result is a strategic allocation of inventory that drives profit, sales and customer satisfaction.

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Intelligent Response to Short Supply

In a limited supply situation, available inventory is typically consumed in a ‘first come, first served’ approach.  The earliest locations to have their orders processed will receive all of their needs, while the later locations are left empty handed and out of stock.

Blue Ridge Allocation application takes a better approach for constrained supply situations. Instead of driving up stock in a limited number of locations, Blue Ridge automatically allocates the available inventory equitably among locations. So while there still may not be enough inventory to meet all demands, each location will receive its ‘fair share’ of the available goods.

Inventory Allocation iPad 2

Do you need help with...

  • Intelligently positioning inventory in an omnichannel environment?
  • Allocating inventory when supply is constrained?
  • Simplifying the allocation of inventory across your network?
  • Avoiding lost sales and profit erosion from poorly positioned inventory?
  • Managing cost-effective in-stock levels in all locations?
  • Responding rapidly to changing conditions with flexible methods of allocation?

Ready to learn what precision supply chain planning can do for you?

Our unique allocation precision is your unfair advantage.

Blue Ridge helps retailers and distributors capitalize on richer, customer transaction data that is available today to generate precise supply chain planning recommendations. You get the visibility and control to ensure product availability, prevent out of stocks and eliminate excess inventory.

By analyzing every individual customer transaction to understand the why’s behind demand, you achieve unparalleled precision that drives sustainable results.

A 2016 Gartner
Magic Quadrant Leader

Customers continue to act faster, expect more, and buy in completely new ways, making precision and visibility more necessary than ever. Get this Gartner research that shows 7 Keys to increasing sales and margin and the supply chain planning magic quadrant.

Why is Gartner’s perspective important? Gartner provides an unbiased, research-backed view of Blue Ridge’s ability to execute as well as completeness of vision. We’re honored to be positioned as Leaders, and as the foremost retail and distribution focused provider we are eager to prove what we can do for your business. Take a look at the report and get in touch to see the impact we can make on your sales and bottom line.

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Increased Sales growth 10%+
Achieved Order fill rate 95%+
Lowest Backorders in company history

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Increased Inventory turns 6.5
Inventory 25%
 In-stock Performance 8%

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Increased Service Levels 2.5%
Decreased Excess Inventory 10%
Maintained Stock Levels
Decreased Out-of-stocks

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