11-Point Checklist for Perishable Order Management

Today’s consumers are busier and more health conscious. They want fresh grocery delivery, meal kits and even temperature-sensitive products like pharmaceuticals.

But several retail trends are making it difficult for distributors to manage perishable inventory in a profitable way. The financial volatility of this is huge.

The secret to overcoming time decay and product shortages related to perishables is to put a much deeper degree of analysis behind your replenishment cycles and schedules.

Advanced inventory optimization tools are available to help you:

  • Profitably replenish your perishable products
  • Standardize perishable ordering for maximum efficiency, revenue and profitability
  • Adapt quickly to changes that impact costs, such as varying lead times, product dating, seasonality, etc.

Before you set out to compare solutions, make sure you check the PlanningPost list of the 11 must-have features of perishable order management software.