Curious What AI and Machine Learning Can 
Do for You?

AI and Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management

Intelligent Planning and Pricing Optimization Win

Robots building demand forecasts, replenishment orders and prices??? Who would’ve ever thought?!

While it’s not quite like that, it is a fact that firms will derive between $1.3 trillion and $2 trillion a year in economic value from using AI and Machine Learning in supply chain management and manufacturing. That’s no chump change.

Blue Ridge’s intelligent Planning and Pricing solutions integrate AI and Machine Learning to create huge financial gains.

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Machine Learning and Pricing Solutions 
Ease Supply Chain Volatility

Digitalization is making today’s supply chain management teams feel “stuck”. Strong fluctuations on the customer demand side, as well as a surge in costly issues on the supply side, are forcing businesses to re-imagine Planning and Pricing execution with a focus on certainty, speed and assurance. How does machine learning impact demand sensing and enable proactive planning and pricing strategies?

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Release 180 Leverages AI and Machine Learning 
for Superior Demand Sensing

Learn How

Now you can more readily take advantage of opportunities presented in this rapidly changing marketplace which would have otherwise been missed. Leverage Blue Ridge’s enhanced demand sensing capabilities to create rapid value and win more opportunities.

A 1% change in price can have over a 22% change in gross profits. In today’s dynamic, highly competitive market, you need visibility into inventory levels prior to setting prices. It’s that simple. Learn how AI and Machine Learning technologies such as Blue Ridge Pricing Optimization get you there.

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What is the Value of AI and Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management?