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5 Ways Price Optimization is Evolving the Demand Forecast from Guess to Max-Profit Decision

The Blue Ridge Price Optimization solution introduces science into the planning process to stop peanut butter pricing and start making meaningful, data-driven pricing decisions to shape demand. Price Optimization breaks down the costly barriers of volatility, opening up new and significant sources of profitability.

Download this paper to learn:

  • How distributors currently manage supply chain volatility
  • The benefits of Price Optimization
  • How Price Optimization solutions work to shape demand
  • 5 areas, where pricing software is evolving forecasting from reactive gut instinct to proactive, max-profit decisions

Forecast & Simulate the Financial Outcome of Price Changes, Before They Happen

Blue Ridge Price Optimization delivers advanced self-service analytics and simulation capabilities to optimize the profit impact of price changes across all your lines, channels and locations.

  • Optimize Pricing. Quickly identify overpriced/underpriced products for your entire assortment. Get accurate recommendations for aligning prices across products, channels & price points like wholesale, list & customer segment.
  • Improve Financial Results. Deplete excess inventory & increase fill rates to increase revenue & margins.
  • Gain Market Share. Get alerts to identify daily profit opportunities, competitive pricing & cost changes.
  • Extend Your Investment. Manage prices to conform to your business constraints & supplier requirements, while gaining the upper hand in supplier negotiations.