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ATLANTA, February 11, 2021 – – Blue Ridge, the leading platform blending supply chain planning and pricing solutions created for resiliency, recently held a discussion with Cliff Isaacson, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy of Blue Ridge to examine the critical importance of cloud-native supply chain solutions for wholesale distributors, specialty retailers and discrete manufacturers in Manufacturing Tomorrow magazine. Read the full article here.

According to Isaacson, refining pricing strategies is imperative to achieving financial goals. Every CFO, purchasing manager and data scientist has a seminal mission: continuously improve profits and revenues. The best-of-breed systems identify lower-risk profit opportunities and pricing gaps to continually improve financial results. Running “what-if” simulations, reviewing daily recommendations, refining prices and locking in the best strategies to operationalize are never-ending and ongoing. Accuracy improves over time, as the science learns from price changes and sales impacts, to steadily improve price recommendations, married with forecasting data.

“Purpose-built for discrete manufacturers, retailers and distributors, a robust workflow permits leading organizations to upload data, run price optimization processes, simulate pricing strategy for current/future price lists, review recommendations, and drill into details to lock in results year after year,” noted Isaacson.

Price optimization, configured to unique environments, creates immediate value.  When price optimization is integrated with supply chain planning (best-of-breed forecasting and replenishment solutions), discrete manufacturers, distributors and retailers can reduce inventory 10-20% with increased service levels and achieve an immediate profit uplift, typically in less than 90 days.

Manufacturing Tomorrow is an online trade magazine featuring products, companies, news, articles and events for the advanced manufacturing, factory automation and 3D printing industries.

About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning and Price Optimization solutions empower distributors and retailers to tap into undiscovered margin through enterprise-wide inventory intelligence, automation and synchronization. Blue Ridge uniquely combines demand forecasting with pricing strategy, so that businesses can proactively understand the unpredictable and allocate the right inventory, right-priced across the entire mix, to accelerate top- and bottom-line results. In a world where the only constant is change, Blue Ridge provides more certainty, more speed and more assurance, so companies can see the why behind the buy and respond faster to the unexpected. That’s why major retailers and distributors rely on Blue Ridge for a resilient supply chain. For more information, go to