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If you’re based in northern Norway, how can you get faulty construction equipment and forklifts up and running again as quickly as possible? During a recent Webinar Wednesday, Thomas Bach-Nilsen from the Hesselberg Group explained how implementing Blue Ridge’s supply chain planning software has enabled the company to significantly increase the availability of spare parts.

By Marcel te Lindert

Providing maintenance and service for construction equipment and forklifts is a challenge in Norway, especially in the elongated and sparsely populated region north of Trondheim. Service engineers from the Hesselberg Group sometimes have to travel 600km or more to reach a customer. “That means long drives. And it’s even more difficult to provide a good service in winter,” said Thomas Bach-Nilsen, Chief Information Officer at Hesselberg.

In Norway, Hesselberg supplies construction equipment and forklifts from brands such as Komatsu and Linde. In northern Sweden, the company also supplies mining machinery. “If a machine breaks down in an iron mine or a container truck has a technical issue at a port, the costs can quickly run into thousands of euros per hour. We have almost 150 service engineers in the field every day. The long distances and extreme weather conditions place high demands on the availability and distribution of the spare parts they need. If we don’t fix the equipment quickly enough, we risk hefty fines,” explained Bach-Nilsen.

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