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Yesterday, Manufacturing Outlook ran an article that makes a pretty darn-good case for why you need cloud-native supply chain solutions. Stat.

Wholesale distributors, in particular, but also specialty retailers and discrete manufacturers have a critical need to pull the paracord on machine learning in their supply chain — including their pricing strategies. Because without a holistic supply chain, this world’s moving too fast!

“Only with the machine learning algorithms are distributors, manufacturers and retailers able to simulate different pricing strategies and changes prior to implementation. Whether market fluctuation, customer willingness or geographic pricing tolerance, these science-driven results are dynamic by setting multiple price points, including wholesale, retail, volume and customer segment prices. Other factors in price-setting may be influenced by the need to maintain supplier requirements, product, location and channel relationships,” shared EVP – Product Strategy Cliff Isaacson, Blue Ridge.

To learn why you need cloud-native supply chain solutions right now, read the full article in Manufacturing Outlook.

More About Machine Learning and Cloud-Native Supply Chain Solutions

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