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Photo credit: Valley News

A great story ran in Valley News about “the unsung heroes of the pandemic“. Who would you peg at your distribution or retail company? In 2020, that’s an easy one… Supply Chain Managers. Aside from doctors and nurses, of course!

For supply chain managers, things have always been topsy-turvy. A guessing game. Look at what sold last year and then order about the same for this year. After all, there is some predictability in hurricane seasons, Chinese New Year on the supply side, maybe a tariff crisis here and there…

Nothing compares to the paranoia, stress and hoops supply chain managers are jumping through today!

Just read Valley News’ humbling story of Curtis Lancaster, who works as VP of Supply Chain for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health in New Hampshire. His job is to make sure Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health system, including all its buildings, 5 hospitals and 1,800 employees have all the supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) they need.

I don’t know when this guy eats.

From extreme product shortages to price disasters (products Lancaster might ordinarily pay 60 cents for, were costing upwards of $10 apiece), his story is an incredible testament to the need for agility as we embark on the next supply chain disruption. Whatever and whenever that may be.

Read Lancaster’s story now:

“The Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic – Supply Chain Managers

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