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Blue Ridge customers in the Nordic region have long enjoyed industry-best results with our Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions. Today we are very excited to announce that retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers in the rest of the European continent now have a direct line into these solutions with the addition of a new General Manager, Europe.

Welcome, Maarten Baltussen!

Maarten’s work builds on successful demand forecasting and replenishment implementations such as Harmonie Norge and Norwegian food wholesaler K. Ekrheim.  After implementing Blue Ridge solutions, K. Ekrheim reported:

  • 12% revenue growth
  • 14% inventory reduction
  • 181% profit improvement

Read the case study with K. Ekrheim:


What that means for the rest of the European continent is an easier way to solve problems around predicting shifting consumer preferences, managing disruptions from economic trends, volatility with suppliers and pricing strategy.

Forecast Management Best Practices Fuel Growth

The market is certainly ripe for growth through better forecasting, given that the industry collectively saw a year-over-year sales growth of 8% in 2019.

Better forecast management will convert those sales into undiscovered margin and profits. Our European expansion brings forecast management best practices under a single, cloud-based solution including:

  • Synchronize inventory intelligence across enterprise business units
  • Use analytics to create efficiencies in supply planning, demand forecasting & replenishment
  • Optimize pricing strategies based on customer willingness-to-pay & competitive price analysis
  • Establish real-time, cloud-based collaboration among supply and demand planning, Sales and Operations (S&OP) processes, suppliers & downstream customers

Read about Maarten’s appointment here.

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