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Challenged by increasingly unstable demand, many distributors and wholesale businesses are taking advantage of technology breakthroughs in supply chain planning. These solutions create unprecedented forecast accuracy and open up tremendous cash through inventory reductions of up to 20%.

Are you thinking about replacing your outdated supply chain planning solution? Before you make another move, consult this 4-part guide to simplify the “Why, Who, What & When” of your software selection process.

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When comparing supply chain planning software, the options and timing can be overwhelming. We get it. Why not go ahead and grab the entire series right now? Follow these links to download all 4 parts — “The Why, Who, What and When” of Replacing Your Outdated Supply Chain Planning Solution:

  1. WHY right now is a great time for a change
  2. WHO to involve during selection to have a successful outcome
  3. WHAT to look for in a supply chain planning partner
  4. WHEN to make the change

Based on decades of successful implementations and lessons learned, this guide has everything you need to ensure the best supply chain planning software selection, the smoothest implementation and the fastest ROI.

Thank you for your interest.

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Supply Chain Planning Solutions Guide

Part 1: Why is a Change Needed?

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Get Part 2:  Supply Chain Planning Selection Guide

“WHO Should be Involved in the Selection Process?”