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A new Forbes article with Blue Ridge CMO Ed Rusch shows why companies must focus on the voice of the customer, not the voice of the vendor, to create certainty in ever more volatile times.

We see this in software development and especially right here in our world with the science of demand planning and pricing optimization.

Ed points out a concept that’s a simple one, albeit more often ignored than followed by even the smartest of marketers:

People seeking help with real problems need real answers that are actually useful. “Look-at-me” content is dead.

It’s time for technology providers to take responsibility and drive communications from the outside-in view. To get laser-focused and speak to the people in a way that helps them build resiliency to their circumstances. Endless words about product features and functions will yield nothing but endless yawns.

Read more in Forbes:

Focus On The Voice Of The Customer, Not The Voice Of The Vendor