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I read way too much these days! As a person who has implemented, developed, and used supply chain planning and execution tools across many organizations, I am both worried and delighted that the topic of supply chain is in the forefront of today’s conversations. While this subject is top of mind for the world, it’s a great time to share your thoughts and take a few minutes to complete the State of the Supply Chain Industry Survey to dissect reality vs. perception vs. future dreams.

In the last year, we’ve dealt with disruptions between labor shortages, transportation costs and delays, global sanctions, and ongoing demand changes as a result of a global pandemic. At the same time, media and analysts suggest that the cure to our supply chain woes is that we need to become agile, autonomous, intelligent, resilient, responsive, sustainable, and digitally transformed in order to sail through these rising tides.

While the future of these medicinal predictions may be bright, where are we realistically as we deal with exceptions on a daily basis? How far alone are we really in our efforts of what the experts say we should be doing?

Wouldn’t it be great to see how your organization is responding to today’s supply chain volatility compared to others? How has your approach to demand planning been impacted? What are companies doing to optimize constraints in production and fulfillment? When did seasonality become so flipped over?

Take a few minutes and complete this survey by April 8th and be entered to win a YETI cooler. We will share these results in a webinar, along with a detailed report of the findings and prescriptive recommendations for adapting your supply chain operations to manage tough curve balls.

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