Jewelry Retailer Brightens Future with Cloud Supply Chain Planning Technology

Norwegian jewelry retail leader Panorama Gruppen implements Blue Ridge demand planning and inventory replenishment solutions to accelerate bottom-line growth.

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

panorama-logoLeading Cloud supply chain planning provider Blue Ridge announced today that Panorama Gruppen has selected the company’s demand forecasting, planning and replenishment technology. Norway’s leader in jewelry and gift items joined forces with Blue Ridge to sustain measurable growth by elevating visibility throughout the supply chain.

 We expect to achieve outstanding service levels in all parts of our supply chain, and, at the same time, reduce our stock by double-digit figures.
Panorama Gruppen, a company that is heavily impacted by retail shopping seasons, wanted to increase cash flow and sought a Cloud-based solution that could provide highly accurate inventory replenishment projections and powerful analytics. “Precisely understanding the effect of seasonality on our inventory investment leading up to the Christmas holiday will have an immense effect on our company,” stated Helge Valeur, CFO and Project Sponsor. “We expect to achieve outstanding service levels in all parts of our supply chain, and, at the same time, reduce our stock by double-digit figures.”

The implementation, led by Blue Ridge’ Nordic implementation and education partner Inventory Investment AS, has already launched and is ready to yield results. “As this is a true multi-echelon solution, leveraging the Blue Ridge Dynamic Demand Management technology all the way from our jewelry shelves in our 70 stores to the central DC and back to the suppliers, this will create an entirely synchronized supply chain, which to us is truly exciting,” said Joelian Hirst, Logistics Director and Project Owner at Panorama Gruppen.

The leadership at Panorama also recognized the long-term benefit of implementing the solution. “This project will have an immense impact on our cash flow, all the while maintaining our ability to deliver on our customers’ expectations,” stated Helge Holen, CEO of Panarama Gruppen. “This will strengthen our bottom-line and have a profound effect on the future valuation of our firm.”

Blue Ridge believes the selection by Panorama is part of a growing trend of retailers seeking a Cloud solution in order to capitalize on Big Data. Sverre Rosmo, CEO of Inventory Investment AS, stated, “Panorama quickly recognized how the Cloud platform is a very effective way to generate cash flow relative to other alternatives.” He then went on to say, “The flexibility and scalability of the Blue Ridge Cloud solutions are key components that will allow Panorama to adapt and adjust to the challenges that come along with seasonal retailing.”

About Panorama Gruppen:

Panorama is Norway’s dominating supplier within the jewelry industry. The company has experienced significant growth since its launch in 1997 and operates throughout the value chain from design to production and retail, offering a broad assortment through its more than 100 Gullfunn and Juvelen stores covering most of Norway.

The corporation employs 500 associates and expects an annual turnover of 400 million NOK. Panorama has a global sourcing operation and leading position in Norway as a starting point for its ambition of further growth and profitability.

About Inventory Investment

Inventory Investment focuses on optimizing buying and replenishment and has through a large number of projects in the Nordics as well in EMEA gained an extensive experience and expertise within replenishment and effective buying. Together with Atlanta based Blue Ridge they form one of the largest professional teams focused on replenishment globally and distributes CLARITY Replenish, a state of the art replenishment system based on the world’s most wide-spread best practice within buying – “The Seven Steps of Buying.”

About Blue RIdge

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning and Price Optimization solutions empower distributors and retailers to tap into undiscovered margin through enterprise-wide inventory intelligence, automation and synchronization. Blue Ridge uniquely combines demand forecasting with pricing strategy, so that businesses can proactively understand the unpredictable and allocate the right inventory – right-priced across the entire mix – to accelerate top- and bottom-line results. In a world where the only constant is change, Blue Ridge provides more certainty, more speed, and more assurance – so companies can see the why behind the buy, and respond faster to the unexpected. That’s why major retailers and distributors rely on Blue Ridge for a more foreseeable future. For more information, go to