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Welcome to our very first episode of The PlanningPosts Podcast! Sponsored by Blue Ridge, hosted by Todd Craig. This podcast is a community of supply chain and inventory optimization experts dedicated to creating demand forecasting gurus! To help them be more intentional and profitable with their purchasing decisions. And to manage demand volatility like a boss!

In Episode 1: Making a Champion

Hundreds of replenishment implementations have proven that there are two keys to success: (1) Strong top management involvement and (2) Motivated & Equipped Team Champions. In this episode, our guest Dan Craddock talks about why every implementation needs a Champion, the responsibilities, and the qualities that make a great one.

Dan Craddock is Principal & Co-founder of Catalyst consulting group, with 3+ decades helping inventory teams become heroes of their organization. Dan is a graduate of Penn State’s Supply Chain Program, and a proud volunteer of Out of Darkness Atlanta, which rescues victims of sex trafficking.