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After 5-years of strong annual growth, current CEO Jim Byrnes to transition to Board of Directors  

Atlanta, GA – August 03, 2022 – Blue Ridge, the intelligent supply chain planning and pricing optimization platform, today announced the appointment of Jeff Hawkins as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and current CEO Jim Byrnes will remain as Executive Chairman.

Hawkins will be working side by side with Byrnes to ensure a seamless transition of leadership. Building on the company’s success under Byrnes, Hawkins will execute the strategy to support Blue Ridge’s mission to be the preferred supply chain planning and pricing solution for the most complex supply chains globally.

“I’m eager to begin this amazing opportunity to join a well-established leader in supply chain planning at such an exciting time for the company and critical time for the market,” says Hawkins. “Companies everywhere are looking to address supply chain disruptions and take a more intelligent approach to inventory planning – Blue Ridge is proven to help businesses do just that. The company is poised for tremendous growth in the next several years that will be rooted in the expansion of the Blue Ridge ecosystem and valued partnerships. Thank you to Jim and the entire team at Blue Ridge for welcoming me and laying the groundwork for huge growth ahead.”

Hawkins brings a wealth of experience leading companies through accelerated and unprecedented growth, including growth transformation for software companies during his more than four years at TPG, including Llamasoft and Transplace, and as a senior executive for private equity owned and publicly traded companies.

“Blue Ridge is a leading provider of supply chain planning and pricing solutions and our passion for providing the best customer experience in our industry remains at our core,” says Byrnes. “As Blue Ridge continues to expand, I’m excited to welcome Jeff and I’m confident his proven track record of leading strong-performing companies will boost Blue Ridge to new levels while maintaining our fast time to value and high-quality experiences for customers. With my role focusing on more strategic Blue Ridge initiatives, I look forward to our collaboration and the opportunity to lead in a different capacity.”

Today Blue Ridge enables major brands to successfully navigate the disrupted supply chain landscape with its cutting-edge AI/ML-enabled supply chain planning and pricing solution. Under Byrne’s leadership, Blue Ridge became one of the leading platforms for supply chain resiliency and was the only company to usher in pricing and optimization solutions that work hand in hand with supply chain planning.

About Blue Ridge

Achieving a resilient supply chain sits at the intersection of demand, price, and inventory – where a company’s customers, suppliers, and operations meet. The Blue Ridge cloud-native planning and pricing platform gives distributors, retailers, and manufacturers app simplicity that uniquely integrates data science-rich inventory forecasting capabilities with price optimization insights. From modeling, right-sizing inventory, and seamless collaboration, Blue Ridge bases its success on an increase in customer profitability and service levels. Learn more at or request a demo at