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Atlanta, GA, August 25, 2021 – David Cahn, Head of Product Marketing at Blue Ridge, the leading supply chain planning and price optimization platform combining break-through demand sensing and shaping, was a recent guest on Quality Digest Live podcast. Dirk Dusharme, host of Quality Digest Live and Cahn discussed the logistics, transport, and retail side of food waste. View the video interview here.

Cahn shared, “One of the unique advantages that we see is we recently added some capacity planning and mass production scheduling for the manufacturers of food processing facilities that are now supplying to the distributors who are then supplying to the food retailers for consumers. So, there actually is a network effect where they’re getting the demand much closer so they can analyze whether they can make the product in time; package it, then can order the replenishment components or raw materials or ingredients in process related technologies so they can make the product and where is it coming from so they can balance that supply and demand and optimize their margins and optimize their inventory.”

Cahn was recently featured in Quality Digest. Read the full article here.

Quality Digest magazine and Quality Digest Live presents all facets of quality, including metrology, Six Sigma, lean, inspection, testing, SPC, software, and international standards. Quality Digest offers more editorial coverage of these standards than any other quality magazine or website.

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