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Blue Ridge Price Optimization 

Forecast & Simulate the Financial Outcome of Price Changes, Before they Happen. 

Blue Ridge Price Optimization delivers advanced self-service analytics and simulation capabilities to optimize the profit impact of price changes across all your lines, channels and locations.

Forecast & Simulate the Financial Outcome of Price Changes, Before They Happen

  • Optimize Pricing. Quickly identify overpriced/underpriced products for your entire assortment. Get accurate recommendations for aligning prices across products, channels & price points like wholesale, list & customer segment.

  • Improve Financial Results. Deplete excess inventory & increase fill rates to increase revenue & margins. 

  • Gain Market Share. Get alerts to identify daily profit opportunities, competitive pricing & cost changes. 
  • Extend Your Investment. Manage prices to conform to your business constraints & supplier requirements, while gaining the upper hand in supplier negotiations.


Blue Ridge Benefits


Boost Competitive Power

Go Even

Optimize Promotions


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Pricing Integrated with Inventory Data
Higher, Faster ROI

Applications for the Planning + Pricing 'Better-Together Combo':

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Blue Ridge Price Optimization Provides

Comprehensive Pricing Strategy
Simulate different pricing scenarios & forecast the impact of a change before you implement it. Identify lower-risk profit opportunities & visualize underpriced/overpriced items across the entire assortment.

Forecast results of changes by price-type relationships. Display detailed results to understand the impact of each constraint. Optimize prices using different cost models or price groupings.

Manage to your business requirements & act quickly on competitive price changes, supplier rules, segmentation, competitive positioning & price change frequency.

Rapid, Sustainable
Configure to your unique environment & be live in under 90 days. Quickly execute smart price recommendations, simulate pricing for future price lists, & continually refine your pricing strategy year after year.

Identify customer performance, discounting & pricing opportunities based on willingness to pay & past performance. Align customer segment prices with optimized channel prices to grow margins. 

Purpose-built for retail & distribution. Science learns from price changes & sales results over time to steadily improve price recommendations.

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  • Adjust price on shortage items to improve service levels
  • Price to shape demand & deplete excess inventory
  • Price objectives based on the replenishment schedule
  • Assure competitive prices to maintain brand image
  • Balance inventory levels & prices to win more sales
  • Execute proactive order management, tied to price margin goals
  • Gain the edge in negotiations
  • Encourage customers to buy more through smart discounts