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Boost your sales results via Supply Chain Planning and be inspired by Hesselberg Group

It is holiday season and Santa’s key elves: UPS, DHL, USPS, and major road carriers need to get their deliveries before the magic goes out and we can no longer hear the “Polar Express Reindeer bell”. Heavy construction projects take a toll on the elves, materials needed, and the equipment themselves this time of year. Optimized supply chain planning and forecasting tied to seasonality is critical for projects and upkeep to keep pace with the equipment, project, and maintenance needs.

Construction projects and equipment during winter are complicated by temperature-sensitive tasks like spraying, manipulating electrical wire, and drying types of concrete. Contractors and distributors of the equipment manage the timing of these tasks based on the stage of the project realize that maintaining equipment may further delay projects based on temperature and other weather conditions concerns.

DECEMBER 8, 10:00 am ET

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Attend this upcoming webinar on how a leading distributor of construction machinery and trucks, founded in 1897, realized a 34% sales increase via End-to-End Supply Chain Planning in just a few months using Blue Ridge Global solutions and tightly working with behind-the-scene elves in the process.

  • one supply chain planning solution
  • real-time insight into forecasts
  • real-time insight into projected purchases
  • inventory optimization
  • increased productivity

Spare parts and maintenance of diesel exhaust fluid is impacted by temperatures and impacts equipment performance. Planning for the usage of the correct seasonally appropriate oils, greases and fluids is harder these days with the supply chain crisis and needing to plan earlier for. Another requirement to plan for is when the ground freezes overnight into a frozen mud, not cleaning the track, undercarriage, driveline, articulation joints and steer cylinders can easily damage the tracks, pins and rollers if an operator tries to run the machine.

Please join Martijn Lofvers in a conversation with Thomas Bach-Nilsen, IT Manager at Hesselberg Group and Sverre Rosmo, General Manager at Blue Ridge Nordics, and be inspired by the quick ROI of Hesselberg’s End-to-End Supply Chain Planning platform.

No doubt every rental business could use more positive customer reviews. References and referrals are money in the bank. Getting them can be made simpler with training throughout the booking, pick-up, equipment rental, and return process.

At the heart of the business is the rental equipment which needs to be maintained through proper training. If we know how often it is used, the conditions it was used under, who used it, life would be simple.  Maximizing life of your assets helps customer satisfaction and sets you apart from the competition.

Manage end-to-end customer experiences processes using multi-media from the ComplianceQuest EHS Training, Document, and Equipment Management solution to:

  • Provide a friction-free booking experience.
  • Minimize complex pricing situations.
  • Optimize equipment utilization
  • Improve equipment maintenance and service planning.
  • Enable a customer feedback mechanism