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Proactively calculate the outcome of a potential price change and get intel to grab market share, streamline daily activities, and grow margins deep into the assortment, across channels, locations and even by customer.

Build Your Pricing Software Suite

No two businesses follow the same journey. And with the pace of change, your business needs are in constant flux. Blue Ridge has developed a flexible and configurable suite of Pricing solutions to meet your unique goals and processes.

Re-Imagine Margins with Flexible & Configurable Pricing Management Software

Re-Imagine Pricing

Fully configure your business attributes to save time in determining prices. Quickly fix overpriced items that threaten sales and underpriced items that leave margin on the table. Optimize segments by revenue, expected margin, customer discounts, willingness to pay and more. Set the system to maintain a certain margin, and it updates dynamically. Analyze price elasticity to inform sales decisions and tweak prices.

Take Control in Negotiations with Smart, Data-Driven Pricing

Net Pricing

Enable customers to take advantage of Net Pricing as close to list price as possible after taking into accounts any discounts, promotions and costs as part of the pricing calculation. Achieve the highest margins possible, while remaining competitive in each market. Back your decision for Net Pricing with high-quality data to increase profit margins and sales.

Optimize Promotion Prices Synchronized to Inventory Data

Promotion Pricing

Run a promotion to move more units. Show the projected on-hand inventory shortfall for an upcoming sale, then feed that data into your supply chain system to adjust inventory ahead of time.

Run Impactful Competitive Analyses

Value-Based Pricing

Support Value-Based Pricing of your differentiated product through competitive benchmarking. Set price points by calculating and earning the differentiated worth of your product for a particular customer segment, compared to a competitor.

Go Even Deeper

Advanced Analytics

Intelligently review your performance against multiple KPIs. Measure price elasticity and sensitivity to simulate updates. Leverage Net Pricing, Kitted Pricing, Promotional Pricing, Value-Based Pricing and Tier Pricing to optimize prices as close to list price as possible after factoring in discounts, promotions, service level goals and more. With confidence.

Which Pricing Solution Do You Need Right Now?

Blue Ridge is uniquely designed for resiliency. Start with the Pricing capabilities you need,
then assemble new ones as your business needs evolve.


Price Optimization


Price Optimization

Net Pricing

Promotion Pricing


Price Optimization

Net Pricing

Promotion Pricing

Value-Based Pricing

Advanced Analytics

Fully Configurable Platform

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Our Enterprise suite extends value, by design. Highly configurable. Backed by our LifeLine Consultants and an extensive connectivity network. A platform with everything you need to bypass IT hurdles and grab opportunities with industry-fastest time to value.


Improve forecast accuracy to slash
costs, improve customer
service, and grow revenue
and profits.

Planning + Pricing

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of Planning and Pricing,
nothing stands in your
way of rapid results.

Pricing FAQ

Utilizing different pricing strategies for different product segments can impact your revenue streams and margins in a positive manner. These strategies allow you to quickly update prices based on business goals while incorporating rules and use science-based projections to determine the best course of action. Blue Ridge Pricing utilizes 4 different strategies for you to deploy and provide the flexibility for you to create your own as needed. These strategies are designed to improve margins, maximize units sold, identify underpriced items and maximize profits. ​

Using Pricing Optimization and Management with Blue Ridge Planning, your organization can shape demand and eliminate inventory that is not moving, reducing carrying costs across product segments. Together they fine tune the demand forecast for improved supply chain replenishments across all channels of fulfillment.

The solution is designed for flexible configurability that can be up and running to support your Sales and Operations Planning process in a matter of weeks.

The Pricing and Optimization solution helps you determine the optimal price point and maximum profit for your products and services. In order for this to be accomplished, it goes beyond ERP to take into account price sensitivity of your offerings using Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning. Some of the factors going into the analysis are influenced by your own price changes, competitor pricing and new competitive entrants, brand loyalty​, market need by season, day of the week, market share​, locations and channels.

As an output to ERP for price execution, the Blue Ridge Pricing solution delivers approved prices for customer order management, supplier cost recommendations for procurement and forecasted demand lift for revenue and inventory level balancing for finance and supply chain execution. The solution works with your ERP by integrating various data as inputs and output. Inputs data from the ERP includes invoice history by customer​, price and cost history, product and location information and optionally competitive pricing, bill of material for kits and bundles, and aggregated demand​.

Yes. By having a better understanding what customers are willing to pay for your products and services now and in the future, your organization can shape demand for supplier volume replenishments. Additionally, by knowing specific margin levels you need to achieve corporate objectives, you can better drive cost negotiations with suppliers.

The Blue Ridge Pricing solution streamlines the management of multiple pricing lists and maintenance activities. Pricing errors are reduced by incorporating best practices for pricing updates, approvals and rollout using workflows by roles within your organization. In addition, you can model and simulate future price lists for accurate impact analysis.

Depending on your organization, the solution leverages individuals who are responsible for assigning product and customer segments and the management and approval of pricing​. Other operational areas including Finance, Sales Operations and Supply Chain for Demand Management are involved to a limited extent.

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