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COVID-19 UpdateImportant Update from Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge is committed to the health and success of our customers, partners and vendors in The Blue Ridge community and we are continuing to monitor the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Due to increasing concerns regarding COVID-19, the Blue Ridge customer conference BLUEPRINT is cancelled. For any additional updates, read more here.

More Certainty in Supply Chain Planning

Use transaction-level data and simulation techniques to refine forecasts and make smart inventory and pricing decisions.

More Speed with Supply Chain Planning Software

Get up and running in as little as 90 days. See real ROI in weeks or months, not years.

You Get More Assurance with Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Solution

Get sustainable results with personalized, ongoing attention from expert practitioners.

Blue Ridge cloud-native supply chain solutions combine intelligent science + automation to create a value multiplier for distributors and retailers. Accurately forecast demand to capture more sales. Position inventory efficiently to slash costs. Optimize prices across the portfolio to accelerate profits.

demand forecasting accuracy


Your customer data powers the demand forecasting accuracy you need for supply chain success.

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Collaborate Demand Planning


Optimize your inventory investment to your organization’s strategic goals.

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Integrated Business Planning


Price items for max profitability using proactive analytics, simulation capabilities, segmentation, competitive positioning and more.

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Integrated Business Planning


Precise demand & supply intelligence for synchronized enterprise-wide execution.

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Supply Chain Planning, Strategical allocation and Inventory Replenishment


Strategically allocate and replenish inventory across your network for rapid, bottom-line results.

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Leading retailers and distributors rely on Blue Ridge cloud-native supply chain solutions.

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Learn the Supply Chain Strategies that Your Peers will be Implementing in 2020.

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