“Cloud-Up” Supply Chain Planning

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Integration is not the solution, it’s the problem. That is why Blue Ridge solutions are completely unified in one single-instance, multi-tenant cloud model. This means our solutions work holistically and in perfect concert with each other. The flexibility and scalability of our cloud model means customers get targeted solution suites configured to solve industry and business specific issues in the most profitable way possible.


Demand Forecasting

Precise, segmented demand projections driven by customer transaction analysis, pattern recognition and predictive analytics.


Demand Planning

Sophisticated collaboration platform empowers aggregate, stratified, and SKU-level demand management.


Multichannel Management

Unique multichannel demand management platform optimizes each demand channel to enable internal and external collaboration.


Inventory Optimization

Profit-driven inventory planning assures product availability at minimal costs. Supports both multi-echelon and single-echelon environments.



Predictive and responsive allocation positions inventory according to retail strategy, methodology or consumer insight.



Economically-optimized balance of forecasting, lead time management, and other principles assure inventory is aligned with demand.


Supply Planning

Forward-looking inventory replenishment harmonized with product availability, trading partner capacity and supply constraints.


SKU Rationalization

Definitive cost and demand analysis for every item and location recommends the most profitable inventory assortment.


Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain centric analytics enable the enterprise to monitor, evaluate, and seek opportunities to improve performance.

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Scan. Order. Deliver.

Mobile CONNECT Revolutionizes Store replenishment by generating more accurate, demand driven orders for specific location from a simple point and scan application. Users simply scan and count inventory to create accurate orders. The app accesses the advanced technology of the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Cloud to forecast demand, create accurate store orders, and enable approval.


7 Essential Elements:
Demand Forecasting, Planning & Replenishment

Get Instant Insights & Reveal More Opportunities

The Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics Cloud allows you to better answer questions related to planning decisions, inventory and customer demand. Our native reporting, analysis and alert tools can help you understand the “why” behind current-state inventory environments, predict future trends and optimize operations to achieve performance objectives.

Embedded best-practice analytics, reports and alerts
Easily created custom analytics & custom dashboards
Automated communication of reports, dashboards, analytics
Industry benchmarking and income statement KPI’s

Realize the Power of Your Supply Chain

Cloud Supply Chain Analytics with LifeLine Service

True Business Intelligence

With Blue Ridge Visibility Analytics & LifeLine Service, your planning, forecasting, and inventory replenishment teams can turn mountains of raw data into meaningful, action-oriented insights.

Custom Analytics

Best-practice domain analytics are native to our platform. Customize your view or what the platform should track through our easy to use, cloud-based interface. Develop custom analytics, dashboards and reporting metrics specific to your business and industry.

Long-term Results

In-depth analysis is not a one-time thing. Because our Supply Chain Analytics Cloud constantly monitors relevant performance indicators, you can build on previous improvements over time. Get the tools to turn your forecasting, planning and replenishment teams into heavy contributors to the bottom line.