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Inventory Replenishment Software

Maximize Profit, Minimize Waste: Next-Level Inventory Management

Blue Ridge offers an easy and convenient way to maintain the right amount of stock. Our inventory replenishment software provides automation with real-time insights so you can plan and optimize your supply chain management. Schedule a demo to get started!

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Replenishment Planning Blue Ridge Platform
Abernathy Company
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Highline Aftermarket
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Recognized as a Facilitator by the 2023 Nucleus Research SCP Value Matrix

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Blue Ridge Tops the Ranks in G2’s Best Software Awards for 2023

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With Blue Ridge Replenishment Planning, you can achieve up to:


Inventory Reduction


Decrease in Overstocks


Service Levels

Advantages of Our Replenishment Software

Implementing replenishment optimization with our software provides your business the following:

  • Real-time data: Stay informed about your inventory levels at all times. Automation keeps your data current so you can feel confident making replenishment decisions and streamline the purchasing process.
  • Regular inventory audits: Conduct regular inventory audits to ensure your actual and reported inventory levels are the same. Optimization systems help you improve your inventory accuracy to avoid overstocking and stockouts.
  • Improved demand forecast: Be Supply Chain Invincible with better forecasting accuracy. Inventory analytics tools provide better visibility into sales trends and inventory levels so you can make more informed ordering decisions.
  • Safety stock implementation: Have peace of mind with the appropriate safety stock levels. Automated tools consider order history and lead time so a change in demand never catches your business off guard.
  • Better collaboration with suppliers: Grow relationships with several reliable suppliers. Real-time insight about lead times and product availability allows you to make informed decisions about inventory replenishment and communicate with suppliers to ensure timely deliveries.

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Optimize inventory and profitability with Blue Ridge

“Since implementing Blue Ridge, we have been able to improve our fill rate to 95% which is our company goal. We've been able to manage our inventory levels appropriately.”

Tammy KyleManager of Product Development & Inventory Planning at MacPherson's
Efficiency Meets Effectiveness.

Effortlessly optimize stock levels with Blue Ridge.


Order Cycle Optimization

Automatically evaluate acquisition costs and carrying costs to determine the most profitable, or least costly order cycle to a supplier.

Inventory Investment Visibility

Plan your orders down to the day and place orders in minutes, not hours, so you can keep the focus on driving sales and profitability.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Get ahead of inventory demand by reviewing product positions every day and manage by exception so you replenish the right products at the right time to the right location.

Optimize Profitability

Remove the complexity of variable customer demand and unpredictable lead times and reduce unnecessary safety stock expenses.

Improve Accuracy

AI and machine algorithms across your entire assortment to deliver recommendations faster and with far greater accuracy.

LifeLine Support

Your Blue Ridge LifeLine Consultant proactively monitors analytics, performance, opportunities and risks to help assure consistent and sustainable results.

Benefits of Accurate Replenishment Planning

Investing in digital inventory replenishment allows you to:

Save Time and Money

Skip the manual record-keeping of your inventory so you can save on labor costs. Automation performs basic, routine tasks so your employees can quickly jump to critical analysis and problem-solving jobs.

Receive Reliable Information

Eliminate the chance of human error with your record-keeping. Advanced technology operates with logic and codes to produce accurate information.

Improve Customer Retention

Keep your products in stock so customers stay loyal instead of leaving to buy what they want from competitors. Built-in analysis and optimization tools allow you to plan accordingly.

Prevent Overstocking Goods

Reduce the risk of buying more goods than you need. Analysis helps you decide the quantities of goods you should buy to sell the products by an estimated timeline at their highest profitability.

Lower Your Out-of-Stock Rates

Increase your customer satisfaction by keeping your products in stock. Digital tools monitor the stocks of each product and its brand so your business can determine which goods you should replenish soon.

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We have been using Blue Ridge for many years and like their evolution in supply chain management. They continue to push forward with improvements and lead the industry in a system that can be used by businesses worldwide.

Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Within a year we decreased overstock 67% and increased services levels 2.4%, while reducing inventory 9% and on order inventory 12%.

Purchasing Director

The software is relatively simple to learn and use, and it works as advertised. In addition to forecasting demand, the system can also forecast lead times, which has been very useful with all of the supply chain disruptions we have experienced over the past couple years.

Vice President of Supply Chain

The Blue Ridge solution is a game changer!

Inventory Investment Manager

Blue Ridge’s unique LifeLine team provides opportunities for continuous improvement by monitoring our key performance metrics to uncover opportunities and risks, assuring sustainable bottom-line results.

Sr. VP of Supply Chain and Pricing Strategy

Guaranteed success through optimized replenishment.

Traditional forecasting and planning solutions weren’t designed to keep up with today’s increasingly unpredictable consumer behavior. In a world where the only constant is change, Blue Ridge provides more certainty, speed, and assurance – so companies can see the why behind the buy and respond faster to the unexpected. Building off our market leading Supply Chain Planning Solution, our Replenishment Planning Solution supports the connection between inventory and demand to increase your profitability across all locations.