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Resilient Supply Chains Happen Here

Supply Chain Planning software for unfettered, command-n-control planning across winning organizations.

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What We Stand For

We believe that supply chain management is comprised of the unique integration of Demand and Replenishment Planning, S&OP, and Supply Planning to shape demand, create value and give companies ultimate control over forecast accuracy, even under erratic supply chain conditions.

With inventory data, collaboration and capacity planning working in harmony at all times, our customers can respond to new opportunities with speed and assurance. Right products, right places, right prices — versus operating on safety stock and clearance markdowns.

Loyalty, Passion and Trust

We’ve built our culture and success on a passion for the people, blended with a relentless commitment to community and best-in-breed execution.

We prove our core values every day in everything we do.

Simple Elegance. Guaranteed.

Actions speak louder than words. User adoption, process changes, and software implementation are never perceived as easy. Blue Ridge is different. We walk with you through the entire process.

The Blue Ridge Supply Chain Management Solution is easy to implement, incorporates your team into the process, and builds a foundation that turns inventory into an investment. Our dedicated LifeLine team is relentlessly focused on customer success, providing white glove support and proactive value creation.

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Partnering for Agility

We choose our partners wisely. They allow our customers to quickly plug into the right technologies and services and pivot with new market pressures – rather than getting stuck in some pre-defined roadmap set by us. This configurable model is disrupting the way businesses think about buying software – with a low-risk, rapid path to value in months, not years.

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What Our Customers Say

‘Customer Success’ is not just an abstract saying on a dusty, old plaque in our office. It’s the foundational rock of our success and the driver behind everything we do. Explore the people we work with and what they say about their experiences with Blue Ridge.

Meet Our Customers

Leadership Designed for Your Success

Our forward-looking executive leadership team is a driving force in ensuring we meet the needs of all our stakeholders – every day and everywhere. Designing success for our people, customers, and owners begins with building on a foundation of great leaders.

Kyle J. Pexton

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Sharff

Chief Financial Officer

Brad Kaluzna

Chief Revenue Officer

Anil Kona

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Carpenter

Chief Product & Strategy Officer

Sverre Rosmo

General Manager, Europe

Laxmikant Bhole

Managing Director, India

Lia Kapanadze

Revenue Operations Leader

Laura Hogans

Talent & HR Leader