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Supply Capacity Planning

Supply and Demand Balance Realized.
Turn Demand Plans into Optimized Supply Plans.

Blue Ridge offers a streamlined way to track your staff’s availability, resource inventory and stock to manage spikes in demand. Enjoy optimizing your team’s supply and demand tracking so you can accomplish your business-related goals. Get started today!

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Supply Capacity Planning Blue Ridge Platform

Best of breed manufacturers adopt supply and capacity planning to master the art and science of optimizing production to match inventory demand quickly and accurately.

Stellar optimization is contingent upon accurate demand forecasts. Blue Ridge is trusted by thousands of supply chain leaders worldwide for demand and supply planning solutions.

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Manufacturers today face a fiercely competitive and volatile market and optimizing inventory is not only challenging – it’s mission-critical.

Safety stock can protect against the variability in customer demand and unpredictable lead times, but is extremely costly for manufacturers to maintain. Now is the time to tip the scales in your favor to balance your supply and capacity planning with an accurate demand forecast capability.

Ready to be supply chain invincible? Take the mystery and risk out of seasonal, slow or intermittent items, promotions, investment buys and competitive threats with a daily, automated plan. At Blue Ridge, our capacity planning strategy offers a way to oversee existing inventory, expected manufacturing lead times, minimum order quantities and more information in a single solution. To get started, schedule a demo with our experts today!

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BR Product Planning

Increase customer satisfaction and service levels.

Remediate manufacturing challenges and maintain satisfaction and service levels with your customers with alternate strategies.

Get ahead of the manufacturing demand curve with early visibility into constrained resources such as machine and labor capacities.

Manage from a single source of truth.

Balance unconstrained demand against constrained supply and budget to drive a realistic consensus plan for the company.

Gain greater visibility to oversee all the inventory production and logistics factors such as planned and received orders, existing inventory, expected manufacturing lead times, minimum order quantities, demand forecasts, leveling production, and safety stock – in a single solution.

Benefits of Optimized Capacity Planning

Having the right tools for your supply chain capacity planning provides the following:

Proactive Strategies

Use logistics capacity planning software to anticipate future resource needs so you have ample time to acquire the necessary resources and eliminate any excess before a project begins. Having insight into current project data and trends allows you to remain ahead of the curve and stay competitive.

Improved Resource Utilization

Balance the availability of your employees, equipment and materials. Capacity planning offers a way to prevent resource undersupply and oversupply so you can reduce downtime or wastage.

Managed Skill Inventory

Identify the tasks your employees can complete and update these records as they develop new skills through training. Searching a skill inventory lets you find the right team members for each project.

Enhanced Project Completion Rates

Allocate the right resources across various projects. Mapping out resource availability and project timelines allows you to coordinate tasks better, avoid overlapping and ensure seamless operations to improve project completion rates at your business.

Increased Cost Efficiency

Boost your organization’s revenue when you properly manage your resources for each project. Having the right amount of labor, materials and storage saves money over time.

Better Business Growth and Scalability

Get a clear picture of your organization’s productivity and efficiency levels. Identifying potential challenges and opportunities for expansion assists with your strategic decision-making process.

Advantages of Blue Ridge Software

Investing in the capacity planning analysis software from Blue Ridge offers:

  • A user-friendly dashboard: Our resource management system is simple to use and gives you access to valuable information, including your current and future capacity, resource availability and billable hours at a glance.
  • Actionable data and reporting: We capture real-time metrics so managers and project planners can understand their current capacity throughout the decision-making processes.
  • Tools for automated workflows: Our automated planning and scheduling eliminates the need to check each employee’s capacity manually.
  • Easy integration with resources: We offer a quick software installation and allow integration with your other business management systems.

Guaranteed Success through Enhanced Supply and Capacity Planning

Traditional forecasting and planning solutions weren’t designed to keep up with today’s increasingly unpredictable consumer behavior. In a world where the only constant is change, Blue Ridge provides more certainty, more speed, and more assurance – so manufacturers can see the why behind the buy and respond faster to the unexpected. Building off our market leading Supply Chain Planning Solution, our Supply and Capacity Planning Solution supports the connection between customer demands, capacity planning and profitability.