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Integrated Business Planning Software

Empower Your Supply Chain with Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Excellence.

Blue Ridge offers a seamless way to coordinate your supply chain strategy. Our integrated business planning software combines various departments for collaboration and management processes. As a result, you can better control your inventory costs, identify and assess challenges, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Recognized as a Facilitator by the 2023 Nucleus Research SCP Value Matrix

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Blue Ridge Tops the Ranks in G2’s Best Software Awards for 2023

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With Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning, you can achieve up to:


Inventory Reduction


Decrease in Overstocks


Service Levels

Advantages of Sales and Operations (S&OP) Planning Software

Investing in the integrated business planning software from Blue Ridge offers:

  • Cloud-based solutions: Our centralized platform allows teams to access data, collaborate and make updates.
  • Business intelligence (BI) tools: We provide tools with insights into key metrics so you can identify patterns, trends and opportunities.
  • Data integration and automation: Our data integration tools eliminate the need for manual labor and reduce the risk of errors by handling the extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data from various sources in a streamlined, automated process.
  • Data governance and protection: We establish governance policies and ensure compliance with robust security measures to maintain data integrity and safeguard sensitive information.
  • Collaborative planning and forecasting: Our end-to-end visibility enables cross-functional teams to work together to create a Consensus Forecast aligned with your business strategy.

Why Choose Blue Ridge?

Selecting our S&OP planning software provides the following:

  • Unmatched support: Our LifeLine support provides your organization with answers and resources.
  • Industry expertise: We’re a trustworthy partner for many retailers, manufacturers and distributors around the globe.
  • Simplified dashboards: Our centralized dashboard gives you insight into your operations with chart and graph visuals.
  • Award-winning services: We have earned many awards, including recognition from G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace.

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Modernize planning and execution with Blue Ridge

“We are looking at being able to evaluate our forecasts with different dimensions whether that's cases, dollars, gross profit, or a points methodology so we can actually put different scales to what our forecast means. We really feel this integration of our plans becomes a game changer.”

Peter LijewskiVP Supply Chain at Breakthru Beverage
Synchronize. Strategize. Succeed.

Blue Ridge enables you to unravel the complexity of S&OP and deliver results.


Drive Profitability

Align strategic decisions with revenue and margin targets to streamline operations, maximize profitability and sustain financial stability.

Reduce Costs

Gain visibility across the supply chain to enhance efficiency, reduce carrying costs, and achieve optimal inventory utilization without exposing your business to increased risks.

Data-Driven Decisions

Availability of robust data and ongoing analysis of business goals make difficult decisions more straightforward.

Strategic Alignment

Enable cross-functional collaboration for business leaders to ensure the evolving operational plan is aligned with the company's goals for revenue, customer service and inventory investment.

Rapid Results

Designed for flexible configurability on a singular platform that can be up and running to support your S&OP process with the industry-fastest time to value.

LifeLine Powered

Hands-on support team proactively monitors analytics, performance, opportunities and risks to deliver guidance on strategies to maximize agility, customer service levels and profitability.

Benefits of Seamless Integrated Business Planning

Integrating your strategic, operational and financial planning offers the following:

Improved Collaboration

Make all your employees and departments work toward a shared vision. Integrated planning fosters synergy and helps drive cross-functional collaboration at your business.

Enhanced Decision Making

Gather a holistic view of your supply chain operations. Real-time insights from various departments enable you to make more informed decisions throughout planning and management processes.

Agility and Responsiveness

Adapt to emerging opportunities, market shifts and demand fluctuations quickly. Continuous monitoring allows you to remain responsive and make your supply chain invincible.

Proactive Risk Management

Consider various scenarios to identify potential risks and opportunities. Proactive risk management involves analyzing data and conducting what-if analyses to develop contingency plans.

Optimal Resource Allocation

Optimize your organization’s resource allocation. Collaboration across various departments helps you prioritize initiatives yielding the highest return.

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We have been using Blue Ridge for many years and like their evolution in supply chain management. They continue to push forward with improvements and lead the industry in a system that can be used by businesses worldwide.

Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Within a year we decreased overstock 67% and increased services levels 2.4%, while reducing inventory 9% and on order inventory 12%.

Purchasing Director

The software is relatively simple to learn and use, and it works as advertised. In addition to forecasting demand, the system can also forecast lead times, which has been very useful with all of the supply chain disruptions we have experienced over the past couple years.

Vice President of Supply Chain

The Blue Ridge solution is a game changer!

Inventory Investment Manager

Blue Ridge’s unique LifeLine team provides opportunities for continuous improvement by monitoring our key performance metrics to uncover opportunities and risks, assuring sustainable bottom-line results.

Sr. VP of Supply Chain and Pricing Strategy

Integrated Business Planning creates world-class decision making.

Ditch traditional departmental silos and bring your organization together for enhanced planning processes.  Drive greater financial awareness and empower your organization to move past traditional forecasting and planning solutions. The Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution begins with financial forecasts to orchestrate profit-oriented collaboration that synchronizes revenue, demand, supply and financial plans.