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Integrated Business Planning

Collaboration Designed For Profitability.

IBP Blue Ridge Platform

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) orchestrates profit-oriented cultures.

Synchronizing revenue, demand, supply, and financial plans allow supply chain leaders worldwide to experience greater profitability and increased customer service levels despite fluctuating production and sales volumes.

The thoughful answer to S&OP.

Inventory Business Planning tools support Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP)  processes to balance demand and supply plans with the financial plan.

The supply and purchasing plans require up-front collaboration with the demand plan to economically balance the inventory investment and support the operational plan without expensive expediting. Our IBP collaborative planning module incorporates planning views for the operational silos, including the financial plan. More thoughtful planning enables better purchasing to mitigate risk and increase profitability.

BR Product Planning

Establish inventory accountability.

Inventory is your biggest asset. Empowering demand planners to buy inventory is not enough. Integrated Business Planning enables planners to bridge functional silos and make informed inventory investments.

Implementing a disciplined approach to IBP makes supporting the financial plan possible. IBP creates an effective, integrated operating plan to ensure the demand and financial plans are aligned with company goals. Establishing financial metrics such as margins, revenues, and working capital that use financial reasoning and reconciliation within the integrated planning process builds greater accountability throughout the organization.

This is how to improve forecast accuracy.

Synching the demand plan with financial projections ensures forecast accuracy.

Improving forecast accuracy begins with actionable insights and collaboration to monitor the progress of the plan versus actuals with the ability to make important course corrections. Trend predictions, improved responsiveness to shifts in market conditions and the ability to intelligently shape demand are direct results of cross-department collaboration through Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Integrated Business Planning creates world-class decision making.

Ditch traditional departmental silos and bring your organization together for enhanced planning processes.  Drive greater financial awareness and empower your organization to move past traditional forecasting and planning solutions. The Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution begins with financial forecasts to orchestrate profit-oriented collaboration that synchronizes revenue, demand, supply and financial plans.