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Guaranteed Success Begins With You!

Join a best-in-breed company that doesn’t settle for mediocre. Our customers deserve much more. We’ve built the foundation and the values to give them the best experience on the planet.

BR Careers

Together We Win

Blue Ridge values hard work and results, not just effort. We are customer success obsessed, always honing our craft, with a relentless focus on respecting our customers, our partners and each other in everything we do.

We Are Bold

We think big and act bigger; we set aggressive goals and then do the work required to achieve them; we take calculated risks; we manage and overcome our fear of failure; when we fail, we fail fast, learn from our mistakes, and press on.

We Are Driven

All our behavior is directed toward success; as a result, we embrace conflict – productive, ideological, trust-based conflict – we challenge ideas, not people; we hold others accountable to do what they say they are going to do; we are direct, talk simple, and shoot straight; we value outcome over activity; we move swiftly, with discipline, urgency and purpose.

We Are Smart

We are talented professionals; we work with clarity and intensity; we have high standards and pursue excellence in everything we do; we prioritize progress over perfection; we find joy in resolving issues and solving problems.

We Are Gritty

We are high-energy and work tirelessly to “go for the gold” rather than just “show up for practice;” when we go to work, we go to “the gym,” not “the spa.”

We Are Resilient

We are a joy to be around; we are optimistic, confident, and creative; we maintain our core purpose among unforeseen shocks and surprises; amidst adversity and against all odds, we prevail.

We Are Class-Act

We show pride without showboating; we are confident and humble; we treat others with dignity and respect; we are trustworthy and of unquestionable integrity; we have an abundance of self-control; we are calm and courteous; we are forgiving, flexible, and kind.

We Are Selfless

We do what’s best for the team versus what’s best for ourselves; we do not make excuses, and we are not victims; we are accountable and take responsibility for our actions and results, for better and for worse; we are quick to admit our mistakes.

BR Employee Collage

Successful Careers Start Here

Getting great results requires nurturing a culture of great leadership, mutual respect, continuous learning and an atmosphere where people want to come to work and be awesome.

That’s why Blue Ridge offers competitive benefits, unlimited paid time off, flexible work schedules, business casual attire, investments in personal growth, company outings and more. Those things matter to you and to us.

Check Out Our Current Opportunities

Your Blue Ridge career starts here. If you have what it takes, check out Blue Ridge careers and reach out to our team.

Employee Stories

See what Blue Ridge staff has to say about working here. Their stories inspire everything we stand for.

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