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Modern Supply Chain Management Software

Blue Ridge is proud to help businesses stay competitive in today’s market. Our cloud-based, AI-assisted platforms offer a way to automate planning tasks and increase your efficiency. Invest in effective management tools spanning your entire organization today!

Our Supply Chain Management Software

The most successful Master Planners and Supply Chain Professionals have well-orchestrated, multi-departmental views of the modern supply chain. Here’s why each of the four integrated product modules of the Blue Ridge Global platform contributes to improved forecast accuracy and considerable increases to the bottom line.

Blue Ridge offers four integrated product modules to improve your forecast accuracy and considerably increase the bottom line:

Benefits of Supply Chain Management Tools

Optimizing your supply chain management offers the following:

Increased Efficiency

Gain access to real-time insights so you can streamline decision-making and run your business smoothly.

Better Visibility and Control

Achieve a better flow of information along your supply chain so you know critical product information, can react to unexpected disruptions and mitigate risks quickly.

Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Compare similar suppliers and stay informed about inventory requirements to facilitate better sourcing and purchasing of raw materials, components and finished goods.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improve your order accuracy and fulfillment times to build your brand credibility, manage fewer returns and have happier customers.

Better Collaboration With Suppliers

Increase your visibility of production times and delivery statuses for better communication and relationship-building with vendors.

Increased Revenue and Profitability

Avoid overstocking to reduce total costs for manufacturing, inventory carrying and storage, and allocate those saved funds toward other business-related goals.

Advantages of Our Supply Chain Management Software

Selecting our supply chain planning software offers the following:

  • Cloud-based access: Our software gives authorized personnel continuous access to the management, tracking and monitoring of transactions.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: We display valuable insights on a dashboard and provide alerts to help you anticipate needs and monitor your inventory.
  • Inventory management: Our supply chain management enables you to place new orders, ship orders and control stock levels on one platform.
  • Analytics: We provide built-in analytics using graphs and reports so you can predict customer demand and plan production.

Why Choose to Partner With Blue Ridge?

Investing in Blue Ridge software provides your business with:

  • Industry expertise: Our company is a dependable partner for many distributors, manufacturers and retailers worldwide.
  • Unmatched support: We proactively monitor your system performance and offer reliable LifeLine support with answers and resources.
  • Fast implementation: Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals get your AI-powered software up and running efficiently.
  • Award-winning software: We have earned praise and recognition for our industry leadership, client relationships and software performance.

Schedule a Demo With Our Experts

Ready to easily adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market? Be supply chain invincible with Blue Ridge. To learn more about our software, request a demo today!

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Fully Configurable, Customized In The Cloud For You

The Blue Ridge Global enterprise suite extends value by design and your backed by our LifeLine Consultants. The platform with everything you need to bypass IT hurdles and expose opportunities with the industry-fastest time to value in Supply Chain Planning software.