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LifeLine Support

A Full Service Advisory Team
That Sets You Up For Success


Relentlessly focused on customer success.

An investment in Blue Ridge comes with our obligation to provide white glove support and proactive value creation. Like your supply chain, software utilization is dynamic and changes by unpredictable forces. LifeLine helps you utilize the Blue Ridge platform to mitigate any impact such forces could incur and provides stability while maintaining profitability.

A reliable partner that’s with you every step of the way.

We know how disruptive the implementation of a new software platform can be. It requires scoping and planning, identifying must-haves and nice-to-haves, and a team of individuals who often have other responsibilities.

LifeLine exists to ensure our clients’ success. We reviewed all the trial and error from hundreds of past implementations and encapsulated that institutional knowledge into an astounding team – your team at go-live and beyond.


We really like the Lifeline services, and appreciate being able to sit down four times a year and analyze our business and how Blue Ridge can help improve it. It shows that Blue Ridge doesn't just sell software, but that they care about the impact it makes to our business.

We’re in the supply chain optimization business.

We talk the talk, but we’ve also walked the walk. Blue Ridge’s LifeLine Team is comprised of supply chain professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the Blue Ridge solutions and prior experience executing supply chain strategy. Former operators and senior personnel responsible for optimizing demand, replenishment, and rough-cut capacity planning for businesses of all sizes.

They understand the nuances of supply chain and will spend the appropriate time with your team to clearly define objectives and set realistic, attainable goals. LifeLine knows the insurmountable costs that come with poor planning and help you utilize the Blue Ridge platform to avoid them.

Put LifeLine To The Test

Interested in learning more about the unparalleled support available to our clients?  Request a demo of our solution, and we’ll include a LifeLine support professional at your request on your call.