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Demand Planning Software

Powerful Insights. Agile Decisions: Elevate Your Demand Planning Game.

How much inventory should you buy? Blue Ridge offers simple and quick answers so your business can plan ahead. Our demand planning software gives you the most accurate predictions of future supply chain demands. Stay competitive with our inventory management and optimization tools!

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Abernathy Company
CRP Automotive
Global Industrial
Highline Aftermarket
Hillsdale Furniture

Recognized as a Facilitator by the 2023 Nucleus Research SCP Value Matrix

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Blue Ridge Tops the Ranks in G2’s Best Software Awards for 2023

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With Blue Ridge Demand Planning Software, you can achieve up to:


Inventory Reduction


Decrease in Overstocks


Service Levels

Advantages of Blue Ridge Demand Planning Software

At Blue Ridge, we make it our mission to make your supply chain invincible. Our software includes the following:

  • Core functionality: Our core functionality includes optimization precision, statistical-based forecasting, dynamic safety stock management, intelligent minimum or maximum calculations, and lead time variability.
  • Forecasting models: We use multiple models simultaneously and identify which results are most accurate.
  • Supply chain expertise: Our software includes key features with a niche and purpose-built approach for your needs.
  • Simple scalable solutions: We use AI-powered forecasting to enhance the visibility of your entire supply chain so you can power your inventory investments and achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.
  • Exception-based management: Our user-friendly dashboard provides actionable insights, alerts with data-driven exception management and real-time projection updates.

Why Choose Blue Ridge?

Here’s why hundreds of supply chain management professionals choose our software:

  • Success stories: Our software has held more than a 98% customer retention rate for over a decade.
  • Constant support: We proactively monitor your system performance and have LifeLine consultants available for assistance.
  • Fast implementation: Our team of professionals gets your AI-powered demand planning software up and running quickly.

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Achieve more accurate forecasts with Blue Ridge

“We really have created a lot of value within the company because not only have we leveraged the people, but we are actually improving the overall inventory position of the company.”

Mike WiegandVP Purchasing, Highline Aftermarket
Stay Ahead, Plan with Precision

Blue Ridge enables you to master demand planning with ease.


Improve Forecast Accuracy

AI and machine learning algorithms accurately predict demand for hundreds of thousands of products, across multiple channels and locations.

Inventory Optimization

Avoid overstocks and stock-outs with an optimal forecast in a daily, automated inventory plan for peak service levels, sales revenue, margins and profits.

Increase Productivity

Automated demand sensing solution and multi-echelon planning capabilities result in rapid response to changes and more time for strategic activities.

Reduce Operational Costs

Orchestrate and optimize operations across the entire supply chain to efficiently allocate resources and tap into lost revenue opportunities.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Analyze and understand trends to take advantage of the best time to buy that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line while meeting customer expectations.

LifeLine Powered

Hands-on support team proactively monitors analytics, performance, opportunities and risks to deliver guidance on strategies to maximize agility, customer service levels and profitability.

Benefits of Optimized Demand Planning

Investing in demand planning software gives your business the following:

Supply Chain Optimization

Our software gives you better supply chain visibility on a single dashboard. Increasing the visibility of your inventory and sales across multiple channels reduces the time you and your team spend on management.

Real-Time Adjustments

Real-time data allows you to see upcoming challenges and assess your response options. Taking action and adjusting your delivery schedules prevent inventory issues.

Stockout Prevention

The planning tools allow you to predict how much product you’ll need to ensure optimal inventory levels. Considering factors like sales trends, seasonality, past and current pricing, past sales performance and prior stockouts can help prevent stockouts.

Overstock Reduction

Planning and management provide a way to order the units you need on time. Reducing your overstock and headstock allows you to save money on warehouse storage so you can allocate funds toward other areas of your business.

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We have been using Blue Ridge for many years and like their evolution in supply chain management. They continue to push forward with improvements and lead the industry in a system that can be used by businesses worldwide.

Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Within a year we decreased overstock 67% and increased services levels 2.4%, while reducing inventory 9% and on order inventory 12%.

Purchasing Director

The software is relatively simple to learn and use, and it works as advertised. In addition to forecasting demand, the system can also forecast lead times, which has been very useful with all of the supply chain disruptions we have experienced over the past couple years.

Vice President of Supply Chain

The Blue Ridge solution is a game changer!

Inventory Investment Manager

Blue Ridge’s unique LifeLine team provides opportunities for continuous improvement by monitoring our key performance metrics to uncover opportunities and risks, assuring sustainable bottom-line results.

Sr. VP of Supply Chain and Pricing Strategy

Fully Configurable, Customized In The Cloud For You

The Blue Ridge Global enterprise suite extends value by design and your backed by our LifeLine Consultants. The platform with everything you need to bypass IT hurdles and expose opportunities with the industry-fastest time to value in Supply Chain Planning software.

Planning FAQs:

What is required for “what-if” simulations and does end-to-end really matter?

End-to-end simulation planning and optimization highlights the importance of how one decision can impact the performance of many factors and trade-offs to find the proper balance in achieving the business goals.

What resource commitments do I need for Blue Ridge solutions to be successful?

Blue Ridge brings to you LifeLine support, which encompasses in initial implementation, ongoing identification of continuous improvement opportunities, and industry benchmarks for comparison purposes. For successful implementation we suggest management commitment, IT, Planning, Procurement, Finance and Logistics sponsorship on as-needed basis, based on the successes of our clients.

How quickly can I see a ROI from Blue Ridge?

Our clients are typically up and running in a matter of weeks with immediate value and a positive ROI in the first 90 days of implementation.

At what level of the hierarchy does the system plan?

The Blue Ridge supply chain management solution typically utilizes planning hierarchies at product, location, and customer segmentation level.

What inputs does the solution need to plan more effectively?

To plan effectively, Blue Ridge requires inputs on customer orders, existing inventory levels, safety stock, and re-order point criteria for items, open purchase orders, past order and item demand history, a future demand forecast, any promotional plans you may have.

How often and how frequently do other companies you work with forecast?

The Blue Ridge supply chain management solution supports 15 different planning time periods, which are configurable. The solution provides three separate planning views for Sales Planning, Finance Planning and Operational Consensus.

How does the Blue Ridge supply chain management solution improve forecast measurements?

Forecast accuracy is improved and measured using various advanced statistical modeling, complemented by profiling and attribute forecasting​. The improvements are recognized in improved sales, margins and working capital savings.

What actionable advice does the system provide for exceptions, and how are they communicated?

Suggested transfer, replenishment and work orders are recommended by the system as actionable items. Exception processing is handled through alerts, which can be communicated to inside and outside the organization in a collaborative manner for suppliers and customers to resolve discrepancies.

How does the solution integrate with my ERP for inputs and execution?

The solution utilizes ERP inputs on Item Master, Source of supply, Demand, Open Orders, Events, Stock Status, Kits, Product and Distribution Structures and any Linked Items. The output is recommended replenishment orders, transfer orders, work orders, and updated safety stocks and re-order points across a multi-tier distribution network.

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