Planning + Pricing

Integrated Decision Intelligence,
Crafted in the Cloud

Got supply chain volatility? Bring. It. On. A platform that
uniquely combines Planning and Pricing to squeeze profits
and agility from every corner of your inventory investment.

Connect the Dots to
Reach Your Full Potential

Tap into the natural, symbiotic potential of Planning and Pricing together. The Blue Ridge Platform creates a transparent connection between inventory strategy and pricing strategy. Together the algorithms shape demand, fine-tune inventory accuracy and drive S&OP execution to feed a continuously optimized value stream.

A Value Trifecta.
It Just Makes Sense

Happier Customers and More Profitability

[Yes, it can happen.]

You can forecast inventory, and you can analyze prices all day long. But until the two are connected, you are limiting your full potential. Get unstuck. Establishing a more holistic and strategic use of the inventory investment through Planning + Pricing together unleashes positive results for both your customers and your bottom line.

Shape Demand

Demand Planning

Get a handle on your dynamic customers’ needs by using integrated pricing methods to shape the planning horizon for your product mix. Quickly understand how lead times, service levels, locations for logistical costs, re-order points, product lifecycles and seasonality factors shape inventory – and its impact on Pricing.

Connect Inventory
to Pricing

Pricing Optimization Management

Take advantage of price sensitivity through AI and Advanced Analytics. Identify threats and opportunities through competitive price analysis. Easily determine prices and right-size stock levels across huge assortments, optimizing revenue streams and slashing inventory carrying costs.

Optimize S&OP Execution Across All Channels

Integrated Business Planning

No more ‘blind’ systemwide replenishment orders or retailer allocation ‘guesses’. No more margin-robbing use of clearance prices, rebates, ads or promotions to control demand. Connect enterprise data to fully align execution from the supply side to sales and operations. Minimize customer order backlogs and expedited replenishment orders. Leverage price sensitivity with inventory stocking and service levels by location/channel. And incorporate pricing updates from competitors to grow market share.

Balance Pricing and Profits

Segmentation Management

Proactively use customer segments, product segments, price and customer sensitivity, locations, channel and seasonality to set prices and grow sales, revenue and margins. Synchronize your inventory strategies with Pricing Optimization to maximize profits over the entire planning horizon. For ultimate revenue management harmony.

Build Next-Gen
Supply Chain Resiliency

AI and Advanced Analytics

Simultaneously and dynamically combine the demand/supply side of inventory management with revenue management in multi-tier fulfillment networks. Recover quickly when demand fluctuates due to seasonality by specific location and cost factors. Manage inventories and dynamically adjust your prices in multi-tier networks quickly with geographically dispersed channels.

The Better Together Combo

Combine the power of planning and pricing to shape demand and drive profitability.

Supply Chain Planning

Pricing Optimization & Management

Fully Configurable Platform

[Nothing Standing in Your Way]

Our Enterprise suite extends value, by design. Highly configurable. Backed by our LifeLine Consultants and an extensive connectivity network. A platform with everything you need to bypass IT hurdles and grab opportunities with industry-fastest time to value.


Improve forecast accuracy to slash costs,
improve customer service, and grow
revenue and profits.


Find the optimal price for every item,
location, channel and customer
to shape demand.

Blue Ridge Planning and Pricing Solutions FAQ

Blue Ridge Planning and Pricing are available in multiple, “good-better-best” tiers to fit your organization’s needs and journey with the platform. For optimal results, we recommend Enterprise – which blends the two together to create optimal business outcomes. Visit our Planning and Pricing pages to learn more.

Yes, both can be purchased individually, but when inventory data and pricing solutions are used together, customers have created a margin uplift of 400+ points.

Many of our customers have saved millions of dollars in inventory reduction while improving their service levels up to 10%. Adding Pricing will further improve sales, revenue, market share and margins through strategic demand shaping and optimal profitability prices working in tandem.

It is not wise. ERPs tend to ignore the intricate variables that impact the demand and supply chain. They lack the collaboration, industry domain expertise and proactive ongoing support, speed and assurance of a purpose-built platform like Blue Ridge. Often companies make the mistake of holding off to implement supply chain planning and pricing solutions until their ERP or ERP upgrade is in place. However, the rapid savings and value creation of Blue Ridge has actually opened enough working capital to pay for our customers’ next big software project in many cases. Read more

Depending on your organization, the solution leverages individuals who are responsible for assigning product and customer segments and the management and approval of pricing​. Other operational areas including Finance, Sales Operations and Supply Chain for Demand Management are involved to a limited extent.

We uniquely extend 24/7 proactive monitoring of your analytics and ongoing recommendations for continuous refinement through our LifeLine Consulting Team.

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