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Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

Collaboration and Profitability Achieved.

Blue Ridge offers an easy way to track, control and optimize your inventory. With our manufacturing inventory management software, you can streamline your resource planning and operations. Use our task automation to stay ahead of the game and achieve your business-related goals!

ERP Connectivity - Car Assembly Line

Accelerate the detection of market fluctuations, accurately forecast demand and quickly make informed decisions to drive higher profitability with the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Solution.

By collaborating with sales, marketing and financial teams to eliminate siloed planning, Blue Ridge helps manufacturers gain insights at the speed and scale needed to compete in today’s volatile market and achieve new levels of efficiency, resilience, and quality.

BMI Solutions
Hex Armor Solutions
Melissa & Doug
Stella & Chewy Solutions
Titan Distributors
Witmer Solutions

Hardware, Building Materials & Construction

Reduce costs to offset the rising price of raw materials like lumber. Gain insights into consumer demand signals to drive production. Manage backorders and lead times on high-demand items such as kitchen cabinetry to prevent lost sales.

Pet Food & Supplies

Accurately predict new consumer trends like responsible sourcing and nutrition-focused products. Optimize list prices based on demand signals and competitive data, and use inventory data to strategically shape demand in complex, multi-tiered channels.

Safety Protective Equipment

Stabilize forecasting and replenishment in response to unanticipated events such as a pandemic or large-scale weather event. Cut backorders, maximize turns and fill rates, and optimize logistics to reduce transportation costs and gain profitability.

Direct to Consumer

Ecommerce has created widespread chaos in fulfilling D2C demand. High price transparency, omnichannel competition, and new pressures to get products to consumers overnight put your business at risk. Get daily insights to what’s driving your profits and pivot to drive opportunity.

More Manufacturer Verticals:

We have experience working with discrete manufacturers in these additional markets. We are here to help manufacturers balance their demand and supply planning challenges. Contact us today for more information.

  • Home Fitness Equipment
  • Paper / Plastic Packaging
  • Children’s Toys
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Industrial Supply

Benefits of Manufacturing Capacity Planning Tools

Optimizing your manufacturing inventory management provides:

Better Accuracy

Automate the monitoring of each item throughout production, storage and sales to minimize the risk of human error.

Greater Organization

Categorize products with parameters such as names, shapes and sizes to streamline tasks for your employees.

Increased Productivity

Optimize your workforce when you produce higher-quality products faster and have fewer inventory errors to address.

More Saving Opportunities

Avoid increasing your labor, delivery, and storage costs when your inventory management system prevents overstocking.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Fulfill orders quickly and accurately to increase customer trust and loyalty, which helps build a positive brand image.

Improved Business Relationships

Provide better communication to establish trust and solidify your existing relationship with vendors.

Advantages of Our Manufacturing Capacity Planning Software

Investing in our manufacturing inventory management software offers the following:

  • Valuable insights: Our software gives you insight into consumer demand signals so you can drive production and manage lead times.
  • Prediction tools: We offer a way to optimize your list prices based on market trends and inventory data so you can increase your profitability.
  • Inventory management: Our dashboard displays real-time data so you can stay up-to-date and provide quick responses to mitigate potential risks.
  • Comprehensive planning: We offer enhanced collaboration with your sales, marketing and financial teams on one platform so you can work together toward shared goals.

Why Partner With Blue Ridge?

Here’s why thousands of companies choose our manufacturing capacity planning software:

  • Industry expertise: Our software serves many businesses, including direct-to-consumer, construction, industrial supply, pet food and supplies, children’s toys, home fitness equipment, safety protective equipment, outdoor equipment and paper or plastic packaging industries.
  • Unmatched support: We offer LifeLine services to answer your questions and give you more information with relevant resources.
  • Easy implementation: Our platform is easy to integrate with your other business tools and gets up and running efficiently.
  • Scalable business solutions: We offer task automation so you can increase your overall productivity and stay competitive.

Schedule a Demo to Learn More

Ready to be supply chain invincible? Blue Ridge offers enhanced visibility across your entire organization so you can take your collaboration, planning and operations to the next level.

To get started, contact our team today! Our experts will schedule a demo for you to learn more.

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