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Platform FAQs

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What makes Blue Ridge a “platform” and not a “point solution”?

The Blue Ridge “platform” offers a robust foundation that addresses a variety of supply and demand use cases across diverse industry, markets and facilities very quickly. Point solutions merely address a specific problem, and do not include the full ecosystem to fortify your success and value from the software investment.


How long does it take to implement Blue Ridge?

Our customers typically see value in less than 90 days. Blue Ridge has partnerships, ERP integrations, highly configurable components, and support experts in place to ensure seamless implementation without taxing your IT resources.


What are the benefits of combining Demand Planning, S&OP, Supply Planning and Pricing Insights?

The combination optimizes the supply side and shapes the demand side of the supply/demand equation for accurate inventory investment, sales and operations planning and service levels for the products you want to sell for the greatest profitability.


Is there a charge for LifeLine Consulting services?

No. Unlike most of our competitors, we provide 24/7 proactive monitoring and recommendations for continuous value delivery over the life of your solution. At no additional cost.


Is Blue Ridge a global company?

Yes. We have offices in the U.S., Europe and India – serving a global customer base.


How can my company learn more about partnering with Blue Ridge?

Visit our Partners page.


What does Support look like in a Blue Ridge engagement?

Blue Ridge offers a unique level of assurance unmatched by any other provider in the industry. Blue Ridge LifeLine Consulting is a team of former demand planning and purchasing professionals who proactively monitor your client’s performance, identify opportunities and guide their team to achieve and sustain the KPIs agreed upon on the management level. Best of all, this service is included with every software subscription.


Are the Blue Ridge application development practices secure?

Yes. Blue Ridge has embedded security-related processes into our development lifecycle to help organizations decrease the risk of a major security breach. As part of that commitment, we have earned the Veracode Verified Team certification status, which verifies and validates a company’s secure software development practices. In addition, Blue Ridge has achieved SOC II Compliance to give customers peace of mind in securely managing their data, protecting the interests and privacy of the organization — based on the 5 “trust service principles” of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.


What if I am not ready to purchase all the modules? Can I just start with Demand Planning?

Yes, all modules (Demand Planning, S&OP, Supply Planning and Pricing Insights) can be purchased individually, but when solutions are used together, customers have created a margin uplift of 400+ points.


What is the potential ROI of the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Management Platform?

Many of our customers have saved millions of dollars in inventory reduction while improving their service levels up to 10%. Adding other modules will further improve sales, revenue, market share, collaboration and margins through strategic demand shaping and optimal profitability prices working in tandem.


Why can’t I just use my ERP solution?

It is not wise. ERPs tend to ignore the intricate variables that impact the demand and supply chain. They lack the collaboration, industry domain expertise and proactive ongoing support, speed and assurance of a purpose-built platform like Blue Ridge. Often companies make the mistake of holding off to implement pricing and supply chain management solutions until their ERP or ERP upgrade is in place. However, the rapid savings and value creation of Blue Ridge has actually opened enough working capital to pay for our customers’ next big software project in many cases. Read more


What kind of internal resources and time commitment are required to implement Blue Ridge?

Depending on your organization, the solution leverages individuals who are responsible for assigning product and customer segments and the management and approval of pricing​. Other operational areas including Finance, Sales Operations and Supply Chain for Demand Management are involved to a limited extent.


What ongoing support is available to me?

We uniquely extend 24/7 proactive monitoring of your analytics and ongoing recommendations for continuous refinement through our LifeLine Consulting Team.


How soon will our company see value from Blue Ridge solutions?

Typically within 90 days of implementation.


Fully Configurable, Customized In The Cloud For You - FAQs Read, Now See It In Action!

The Blue Ridge Global enterprise suite extends value by design and your backed by our LifeLine Consultants. The platform with everything you need to bypass IT hurdles and expose opportunities with the industry-fastest time to value in Supply Chain Planning software.