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Supply chain planning software that lets you accurately forecast demand.
Streamline supply chain planning by breaking free from spreadsheets and increasing productivity.
Easily optimize inventory and reduce stockouts that mitigate costly risks.

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Packaging Distributor Cuts Inventory 14% with Dynamic Safety Stock

| Case Studies | No Comments
Using Blue Ridge supply chain planning solutions, a paper and packaging distributor’s reduced inventory by 13%, improved customer satisfaction by increasing OTIF by 10%, and enhanced forecasting accuracy.

From Scheduled Buys to Savings: Wine & Spirits Distributor Cuts Carrying Costs by 10%

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Discover how a wine and spirits distributor optimized inventory to reduce carrying costs by 10% and enhance service levels through automation with Blue Ridge supply chain planning solutions.

How SKU-Level Seasonal Profiles Increased Service Level by Over 2%

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Blue Ridge services HVAC & plumbing distributors of various sizes across the global. Find out how using our solution enhanced one HVAC distributor’s service levels by 2%, increased efficiency by…

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