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Distributors Access Accurate Demand Forecasting.

Revenue and Efficiency Stabilization Achieved.

Want to buy, track and deliver items efficiently? Get distribution inventory management software from Blue Ridge. With automated tasks, your business can get products into the hands of customers sooner.

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Solve key inventory challenges distributors face in today’s uncertain supply chain unpredictability such as seasonality, moving intermittent and slow-moving items, and increasing revenue and efficiency.

Optimize inventory levels for profit and desired service levels by adapting to market trends and alerting users to suggested purchase order quantities, transfer orders, and demand shifts with reliable and timely data from a proven supply chain planning solution.

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Automotive Aftermarket

Forecasting demand for automotive parts is like chasing a moving target. Seasonal, fast- and slow-moving items such as vintage auto parts, regional uniqueness, and competitive online threats are accepted ‘necessary evils’. Reverse this.

HVACR and Plumbing

You’re in the business of making people’s homes and workplaces comfortable and efficient. But what about your own business? Feeling the heat of new competitors, rising commodity costs, seasonality and large assortments?


Minimize the impact of long and variable lead times related to imported furniture. Proactively understand the cost trade-offs of inventory on-hand. Use insights to optimize promotions, quoting, discounts, forward buys ahead of a cost increase, and more.

Foodservice & Food Distribution

Are perishable items and safety stock feasting on your margins? Fill hungry bellies, not shelves — with specialized features including Fresh Product Forecasting and Seasonal Product forecasting, Intra-Day Replenishment and Shelf-Life Management.

Wine & Spirits

Your business thrives on people coming together to celebrate. But the complexity of forecasting seasonality, lead times, political buys and promotions is nothing to celebrate. Get the insights to improve product availability, sales and revenue with less risk.


Demand trends can change in an instant, when macro-trends such as a hurricane or pandemic hit. Plan for chaos and balance inventory profitably for seasonal items, like snow shovels and camping equipment – versus stockpiling and markdowns.

Electrical & Industrial

Right-size inventory levels for slow-moving and intermittent-demand products such as incandescent light bulbs that take up costly space on shelves, but are essential to key customers. Use pricing strategically to shape demand and grow margin on high-selling products across broad assortments.

Pet Food & Supplies

Keep high-turn essentials like dog food and kitty litter in stock. Avoid sales loss to an online competitor. Allocate and move inventory between locations with speed and efficiency. Integrate inventory data into the pricing strategy to shape demand.

More Distributor Verticals:

We have experience working with distributors in these additional markets. We are here to help distributors balance their demand and supply planning challenges. Contact us today for more information.

  • Convenience Stores
  • Janitorial & Sanitary
  • Professional / Commercial Equipment
  • Beer & Ale
  • Paper & Paper Products
  • Medical Equipment
  • Art Supply
  • Safety Protective Equipment
  • Pharma
  • Food Equipment
  • Flooring
  • 3PLs
  • Building Materials

Benefits of Distribution Inventory Management

Optimizing your inventory management gives your business the following:

Streamlined Demand Planning

Efficiently predict what you will need in the future. Confirm inventory levels to ensure all necessary parts are available so your team can prevent production delays.

Improved Customer Service

Receive real-time visibility into your inventory levels so your product information is up-to-date on your website. Boost your brand loyalty and credibility when customers place an order and the products are available to ship quickly.

Better Quality Control

Track product movements so your quality control and compliance departments can carry out their tasks more efficiently. Use the digital information to find damaged components or products if a recall occurs.

Increased Efficiency

Eliminate the need for paperwork with modern inventory systems available on mobile devices. Check inventory levels and locate the products quickly to avoid delays in the shipping process.

Reduced Costs

Gain insight into capacities for distribution centers online rather than having employees physically walk through warehouses to document available storage. Assess trends over time and use on-hand inventory reports to identify areas where your business can reduce costs.

Advantages of Our Inventory Distribution Software

Investing in our distribution inventory management software offers:

  • Real-time data: Our software gives you up-to-date information about your inventory levels and distribution processes.
  • Valuable insight: We help you be supply chain invincible with alerts about market trends, suggested purchase order quantities, transfer orders and demand shifts so you can stay competitive.
  • Task automation: Our digital systems keep track of your inventory so you can eliminate the need for spreadsheets and optimize your speed.
  • User-friendly dashboard: We offer a simple platform that your entire organization can use to keep track of operations and strive toward shared business goals.

Why Choose Blue Ridge?

When you choose our software for wholesale distribution, you receive:

  • Industry expertise: Our company serves many businesses, including automotive, HVAC and plumbing, electrical and industrial, hardware, furniture and pet supply industries.
  • Unmatched support: We offer LifeLine support services to provide the answers and information you need quickly.
  • Fast implementation: Our software is easy to integrate with your other business resources.
  • Trustworthy services: We have served clients around the globe for decades.

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