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Strategic Inventory Optimization: Elevating Planning for Customer Satisfaction

LIVE Webinar | February 29th | 1PM ET

Join Blue Ridge for an exclusive webinar featuring TJ O’Connor from Farmington Consulting Group. TJ will share key trends and data points related to inventory optimization in the distribution industry. Gain insights into the challenges distributors face and the evolving landscape of inventory management. TJ will shed light on proven strategies and industry trends that Farmington has observed, setting the stage for a dynamic discussion with a panel of supply chain experts from Blue Ridge.

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For more valuable insights from Farmington Consulting Group, check out their 2023 Report on How Distributors Can Maximize Their Digital Investments.

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Key Components of this webinar will include:

Inventory Optimization Trends: Farmington Consulting Group will share exclusive insights into the trends shaping inventory optimization within the distribution industry. Learn about challenges, opportunities, and data-driven approaches that distributors need to consider in 2024.
Data Points and Strategies: Explore data points that Farmington has gathered, offering a deeper understanding of the current state of inventory management. Discover strategies that distributors can implement to overcome challenges and enhance their inventory optimization practices.
Blue Ridge Panel Discussion: Following Farmington’s insights, a panel of industry experts from Blue Ridge will join the discussion. They will delve into how Blue Ridge’s innovative solutions address the challenges highlighted by Farmington. Gain practical insights into real-time visibility, demand forecasting, and inventory management that Blue Ridge provides.

Featured Speakers

TJ O'Connor Headshot

TJ O'Connor


Farmington Consulting Group

Ken Carpenter

Ken Carpenter

Chief Strategy Officer

Blue Ridge

Tracy Coon Headshot

Tracy Coon

Director of Training & Enablement

Blue Ridge

Nathan Harris Headshot

Nathan Harris

Senior Account Executive

Blue Ridge

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