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supply-chain-industry-trendsFor supply chain distributors and manufacturers, sales across virtually every industry are expected to take (an even further) nose dive in Q2 2020. Some sectors are looking at an average of -11.3% sales, with some expecting to contract up to 20%.

When investment firm Baird surveyed 620 companies with aggregate revenues north of $100 billion about the actions they are taking in response to COVID-19, nearly half (47%) report that they are reducing future inventory orders.

Baird’s research, which spanned 18 product categories found that, in addition to inventory reduction, work-from-home orders and more drastic measures like Reductions in Force and furloughs, there are 5 supply chain industry trends that are emerging from Coronavirus:

  1. Interruptions and Closures are Broad-Based
  2. Lead Times are Surging Amid Wide-Reaching Supply Chain Disruptions
  3. Competitive Pressures are Expected to Rise Dramatically
  4. Cash-Flow Concerns are on the Rise — Especially Accounts Receivable
  5. Significant Share Shift Possible Amid Profitability, Solvency Concerns

Read more about the MDM-Baird Distribution Survey here.

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