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Everything You Need to Know About Supply Chain Optimization Software

Supply chain optimization involves processes and tools to ensure that a supply chain operates to the best of its ability. When the goal is to optimize functionality, a helpful first step is to take a close look at inventory processes and seek out potential methods to minimize manufacturing, transportation, and distribution costs. The right supply chain optimization software automates the review process – and makes recommendations that can save your bottom line.  

What is Supply Chain Optimization Software? 

Supply chain optimization software helps manage and control key transactions within a supply chain network, from supplier relationships to manufacturing functions and each business process in between. Furthermore, optimization software ensures demand variations and creates healthy trade relationships with supply chain partners. In addition to the benefits above, the most efficient supply chain optimization software accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Process customer requirements
  • Create and track purchase orders
  • Manage supplier contracts
  • Maintain inventory levels
  • Balance demand, sales, and distribution warehousing functions


What Else Can Supply Chain Optimization Software Achieve? 

Supply chain management software helps manufacturers link their entire manufacturing or distribution chain, from procurement to final production and delivery. In essence, it creates a comprehensive view of the whole system while improving delivery speed and reducing costs. It also helps track, predict, and eliminate operational bottlenecks in the supply chain. Isn’t it time to ditch the spreadsheets and inadequate ERP solutions and find a better way to optimize your supply chain?

What to Consider When Selecting Supply Chain Optimization Software

Of course, to get the most out of any software, you must carefully consider the specific tool you select. These are several factors to consider, which we detail below.

Supplier Inventory Management: Logistics optimization is critical. As such, be mindful to select a software solution that helps lower shipping costs and provides complete visibility into your supply chain.

Demand Planning: Forecasting, despite unpredictable scenarios, is crucial to ensure you obtain everything you need to satisfy customers. Look for software that has accurate demand, supply, and price forecasting

Transportation Planning: It’s ideal to have a solution that can help you find the most efficient and optimal route for transportation since it also lowers costs.

Seamless Technology Integration: The software you select should allow you to leverage technology effortlessly to achieve better transparency, consolidation, and lower costs.

The Best Features in Supply Chain Optimization Software

To elaborate on the benefits to be considered when selecting a software solution, let’s take a more in-depth look at helpful optimization features.

Inventory Management: An inventory management tool helps track and manage the number of raw materials, materials in stock, and spare parts for equipment you should have on hand. It is critical for asset management, barcode integration, and determining future demand.

Order Management: The best solutions have distinct order management features that generate tracking and coordinate and schedule supplier deliveries.

Logistics and Delivery Coordination: A logistics and delivery feature helps coordinate transportation channels, improve the delivery process, and ensure on-time delivery to your customers. Warehouse management features also fall under this logistics solution umbrella.

Forecasting Demand and Pricing: As we’ve stated, accurate forecasting is essential to eliminate bottlenecks, predict exact revenue figures and customer demand, and determine the correct cost of production and operations. The most efficient solutions assess supplier performance and create estimates for projects to be completed, including pricing needs.

Order Return Management: No matter how well you operate or how excellent your product is, sometimes you’ll have order returns. An optimization solution manages order returns effectively and automatically processes refunds and insurance claims, saving time and preventing hassle.

Let Blue Ridge Help with Your Supply Chain Optimization

Blue Ridge delivers supply chain optimization success every day. We feature all aspects mentioned above and more. With our solution, you can simplify your supply chain processes and free up more time to focus on the bigger picture without missing a beat. Reach out for a demo of what you can accomplish, or check out our article to learn more about everyone who participates in the process.