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AI-enabled supply chain analytics isn’t a new concept – in fact the manufacturing sector has long been an enthusiastic adopter of data-driven techniques.

So apart from a fancy new name, what’s really new?

According to The Manufacturer magazine, it’s a combination of 3 emerging developments:

  1. Computational power, enabling us to do difficult calculations in real time
  2. Powerful new algorithms can automate analysis and decision-making
  3. And, crucially, new and previously untapped sources of data are emerging

The article says there are 4 common questions that organizations should address in order to understand how supply chain analytics and AI can best be deployed in their own context:

  1. How much data and from what source?
  2. How will the data provide valuable information?
  3. How does the data improve decision-making?
  4. How does this support automation or semi-automation of tasks?

The article also reveals 5 key lessons for using supply chain analytics.

Read the full article here.

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