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Price Optimization Solution


Blue Ridge Price Optimization delivers advanced self-service analytics and simulation capabilities to optimize the profit impact of price changes across all your lines, channels and locations.

Optimize Pricing. Quickly identify overpriced/underpriced products for your entire assortment. Get accurate recommendations for aligning prices across products, channels & price points like wholesale, list & customer segment.

Improve Financial Results. Deplete excess inventory & increase fill rates to increase revenue & margins.

Gain Market Share. Get alerts to identify daily profit opportunities, competitive pricing & cost changes.

Extend Your Investment. Manage prices to conform to your business constraints & supplier requirements, while gaining the upper hand in supplier negotiations.

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Provides:

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Solution

Comprehensive pricing strategy
Simulate different pricing scenarios & forecast the impact of a change before you implement it. Identify lower-risk profit opportunities & visualize underpriced/overpriced items across the entire assortment

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Solution

Price Segmentation
Forecast results of changes by price-type relationships. Display detailed results to understand the impact of each constraint. Optimize prices using different cost models or price groupings.

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Solution

Competitive Positioning
Manage to your business requirements & act quickly on competitive price changes, supplier rules, segmentation, competitive positioning & price change frequency.

Inventory Optimization Self service analytics

Self-Service Analytics
Purpose-built for retail & distribution. Science learns from price changes & sales results over time to steadily improve price recommendations.

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Solution

Customer Segmentation
Identify customer performance, discounting & pricing opportunities based on willingness to pay & past performance. Align customer segment prices with optimized channel prices to grow margins.

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Solution

Rapid, Sustainable Results
Configure to your unique environment & be live in under 90 days. Quickly execute smart price recommendations, simulate pricing for future price lists, & continually refine your pricing strategy year after year.

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Solution


Amplify profits and grab new market opportunities faster. Blue Ridge’s best-of-breed supply chain planning system uniquely integrates with a powerful, science-based price optimization platform. Use intelligent price sensitivity analysis, competitive analysis, pricing simulations and price recommendations within SCP to drive dramatic cost reductions and revenue growth. In less than 90 days.

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