Supply Chain Planning Solution Selection Guide:

The "Who" of Replacing Your Outdated Supply Chain Planning Solution

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Part 2: Who to Involve

Turbulent customer demand – combined with AI and Machine Learning breakthroughs – has led the wholesale distribution industry into a replacement era for supply chain planning solutions. Is your organization considering how to handle today’s incredible uncertainty and balance the rising cost of inventory?

Blue Ridge has created a 4-part guide to simplify your evaluation process and accelerate the results you’ll see with your new solution. Based on decades of successful implementations and lessons learned, this guide has everything you need to ensure the best supply chain planning software selection, the smoothest implementation and the fastest ROI.

In the first part of our series, we explained WHY a change is needed. Download part 2 to learn more about WHO should be involved from an executive standpoint, as well as how to build your search committee.

Gain insight into:

  • Challenges that offer market opportunities
  • Inventory investment programs that leverage data-driven forecasting
  • And more!