Fully Configurable Price Optimization Management & Supply Chain Planning Software

The Blue Ridge Platform is a brilliant palette of all elements needed to accelerate short- and long-term value from our applications. Data science-rich capabilities + expert consulting + cloud-based solutions and BI tools – bookended by an extensive network to rapidly connect and adapt, without IT angst.

The Better Together Combo: Pricing Optimization & Supply Chain Management

Combine the power of planning and pricing to shape and forecast demand, improve supply chain processes, and drive profitability.

Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Pricing Optimization & Management

Get Out of Panic Mode and into Profit Mode

Our highly configurable palette of Demand Planning Software and Pricing tools creates symmetry between what your customers need, and the cost to get there. Construct the optimal procurement, pricing and delivery of goods. Create engagement, dissect data, find demand and drive revenue smarter.

Informed Decisions, Earlier

Data-rich science capabilities and BI tools paint a high-definition picture of your supply chain. So you can manage the company’s most expensive asset with speed, confidence and agility.

Untapped Results

Discover incremental sales, cost savings and margins by creating an uninhibited flow of decision intelligence between inventory optimization planning and pricing strategy.

Value in <90 Days of Go Live

Deep industry expertise. Strategic technology partnerships and ERP integrations. Seamless, low-risk entry, with flexible configurations that fit into your workflow.

Partner for Life

Not a one-and-done engagement. LifeLine™ drives incremental value through ongoing support, continuous monitoring and fine tuning as your needs evolve.

Experiences & Community

Connect data silos, ideate and collaborate for consistent, informed results.

Collaborate with App-Like Simplicity

Highly intelligent and adaptive, Blue Ridge breaks the mold of siloed supply/demand planning processes and pricing strategies.

Configure Capabilities On YOUR Time

Multi-tenant cloud platform with flexible options eliminates slow and costly barriers to delivering best-of-breed customer experiences.

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Make Confident Decisions

Fast, highly secure contextual insights and automation enable max adaptability for today’s “Experience Economy”.

Analytics & BI/Benchmarking

Access advanced insights to effortlessly improve forecast accuracy, operational efficiency, profitability and competitive edge in real-time.

Identify Risk, and Shut It Down

Our LifeLine Consultants help you find and fix margin threats, like over/underpriced products across large assortments, seasonality, promotions management, or an impending cost increase.

Foresee and Execute

Weigh every decision against all of the factors that impact it. Test business outcomes proactively. And act on the optimal strategy to shape service levels and profits.

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Free Up Cash

Blue Ridge Analytics uncovers inefficiencies in daily tasks, including order management and replenishment, price analysis for multi-channel selling, intra-location transfers and more.

Applications & Planning/Pricing

Forecast, visualize, collaborate, position and price inventory for peak profits.

Connect the Profit Ecosystem

Integrating two traditionally separate functions – planning and pricing – optimizes profitability and reduces risk across the board.

Never Let a Customer Down

In stock, not overstock. Accurately forecast customer demand; sync on the optimal price; and maintain desired service levels for every item, location, channel and customer.

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Confidence in Sales Guidance

Full alignment from supply to S&OP. Maximize your buying power with suppliers while improving your cash position in tasks like quoting, rebates and promotions.

Data Science & AI/Machine Learning

Automate time-consuming tasks, seamlessly connect planning and pricing intel, and grow profitability through science.

Do More, Spreadsheet Less

Let intelligent algorithms work for you. Quickly identify threats and opportunities that large teams of humans would struggle to handle on their own. 

Continuously Get Better With the Solution

Regularly review your performance against multiple KPIs and watch Blue Ridge get smarter over time as it interacts with your systems.

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Connect the Dots

Combine what you know about inventory with pricing data to make swift business decisions that reduce business risk, grow future sales and free up cash.

Connectivity & Partners/ERPs

Reinvent how you acquire the tech stack. Blue Ridge’s highly flexible Planning and Pricing solutions are designed for the rapidly changing world around us.

Made For You, Made For Now

Our extensive partnerships mean no vendor lock-in or 24 month-long roll-out. Quickly jump in with the components you need, when it makes sense for you – not us.

Secure, Friction-Free Tech Assembly

Cloud-native, open architecture with SOC II compliance. Seamlessly integrate with your preferred ERP. And leverage best-of-breed solutions to generate value.

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Rapid Time-to-Value

Let IT focus on their day jobs. Our expert onboarding support, deep industry knowledge, and ERP Connectors give you the fastest ROI, at the lowest risk.

Customer Success & LifeLine™

We are fiercely dedicated to improving upon our strong 98% customer retention, and all-in on your investment. For the life of the solution.

Grow Business Velocity, Together

Uniquely going beyond implementation and basic support, our LifeLine Consultants monitor your analytics when you don’t have time to.

All-in On Your Success

LifeLine’s aftercare program is laser-focused on making ongoing recommendations to ensure customer success just keeps getting better.

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No Failed Implementations

Smooth sailing and positive results, right away. A 24/7 support staff, specially trained in your industry, plus investment in an extensive user education network.

Connect the Dots to
Reach Your Full Potential

Tap into the natural, symbiotic potential of Planning and Pricing together. The Blue Ridge Planning Platform creates a transparent connection between optimizing inventory strategy and pricing strategy. Together, the algorithms shape demand, fine-tune inventory accuracy and drive S&OP execution to feed a continuously optimized value stream.

Only interested in Planning or Pricing by itself?

Our Solutions

Happier Customers and More Profitability

[Yes, it can happen.]

You can forecast inventory, and you can analyze prices all day long. But until the two are connected, you are limiting your full potential. Get unstuck. Establishing a more holistic and strategic use of the inventory investment through Planning + Pricing together unleashes positive results for both your customers and your bottom line.

Shape Demand

Demand Planning

Get a handle on your dynamic customers’ needs by using integrated pricing methods to shape the planning horizon for your product mix. Quickly understand how lead times, service levels, locations for logistical costs, re-order points, product lifecycles and seasonality factors shape inventory – and its impact on Pricing.

Connect Inventory
to Pricing

Pricing Optimization Management

Take advantage of price sensitivity through AI and Advanced Predictive Analytics. Identify threats and opportunities through competitive price analysis. Easily determine prices and right-size stock levels across huge assortments, optimizing revenue streams and slashing inventory carrying costs.

Optimize S&OP Execution
Across All Channels

Integrated Business Planning

No more ‘blind’ systemwide replenishment orders or retailer allocation ‘guesses’. No more margin-robbing use of clearance prices, rebates, ads or promotions to control demand. Connect enterprise data to fully align execution from the supply side to sales and operations. Minimize customer order backlogs and expedited replenishment orders. Leverage price sensitivity with inventory stocking and service levels by location/channel and incorporate pricing updates from competitors to grow market share.

Balance Pricing
and Profits

Segmentation Management

Synchronize your inventory planning with Pricing Optimization to maximize profits over the entire planning horizon. For ultimate revenue management harmony. Proactively use customer segments, product segments, price and customer sensitivity, locations, channel and seasonality to set prices and grow sales, revenue and margins.

Build Next-Gen Resiliency with
Supply Chain Management Software

AI and Advanced Analytics

Recover quickly when demand fluctuates due to seasonality by specific location and cost factors. Manage inventories and dynamically adjust your prices in multi-tier networks quickly with geographically dispersed channels. Simultaneously and dynamically combine the demand/supply side of inventory management with revenue management in multi-tier order fulfillment networks.

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Platform FAQs

The Blue Ridge “platform” offers a robust foundation that addresses a variety of supply and demand use cases across diverse industry, markets and facilities very quickly. Point solutions merely address a specific problem, and do not include the full ecosystem to fortify your success and value from the software investment.

Our customers typically see value in less than 90 days. Blue Ridge has partnerships, ERP integrations, highly configurable components, and support experts in place to ensure seamless implementation without taxing your IT resources.

The combination optimizes the supply side and shapes the demand side of the supply/demand equation for accurate inventory investment and service levels for the products you want to sell for the greatest profitability.

No. Unlike most of our competitors, we provide 24/7 proactive monitoring and recommendations for continuous value delivery over the life of your solution. At no additional cost.

Yes. We have offices in the U.S., Europe and India – serving a global customer base.

Blue Ridge offers a unique level of assurance unmatched by any other provider in the industry. Blue Ridge LifeLine Consulting is a team of former demand planning and purchasing professionals who proactively monitor your client’s performance, identify opportunities and guide their team to achieve and sustain the KPIs agreed upon on the management level. Best of all, this service is included with every software subscription.

Yes. Blue Ridge has embedded security-related processes into our development lifecycle to help organizations decrease the risk of a major security breach. As part of that commitment, we have earned the Veracode Verified Team certification status, which verifies and validates a company’s secure software development practices. In addition, Blue Ridge has achieved SOC II Compliance to give customers peace of mind in securely managing their data, protecting the interests and privacy of the organization — based on the 5 “trust service principles” of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

Planning & Pricing Solutions FAQs

Blue Ridge Planning and Pricing are available in multiple, “good-better-best” tiers to fit your organization’s needs and journey with the platform. For optimal results, we recommend Enterprise – which blends the two together to create optimal business outcomes. Visit our Planning and Pricing pages to learn more.

Yes, both can be purchased individually, but when inventory data and pricing solutions are used together, customers have created a margin uplift of 400+ points.

Many of our customers have saved millions of dollars in inventory reduction while improving their service levels up to 10%. Adding Pricing will further improve sales, revenue, market share and margins through strategic demand shaping and optimal profitability prices working in tandem.

It is not wise. ERPs tend to ignore the intricate variables that impact the demand and supply chain. They lack the collaboration, industry domain expertise and proactive ongoing support, speed and assurance of a purpose-built platform like Blue Ridge. Often companies make the mistake of holding off to implement pricing and supply chain management solutions until their ERP or ERP upgrade is in place. However, the rapid savings and value creation of Blue Ridge has actually opened enough working capital to pay for our customers’ next big software project in many cases. Read more

Depending on your organization, the solution leverages individuals who are responsible for assigning product and customer segments and the management and approval of pricing​. Other operational areas including Finance, Sales Operations and Supply Chain for Demand Management are involved to a limited extent.

We uniquely extend 24/7 proactive monitoring of your analytics and ongoing recommendations for continuous refinement through our LifeLine Consulting Team.

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