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Supply & Demand Planning Software

Resilience begins with clarity of all the moving parts

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions uniquely integrate demand forecasting, supply planning, inventory allocation, replenishment and strategic investment opportunities. In a unified platform. It’s where intelligent science meets robust efficiencies to unlock rapid, measurable profits and working capital for distributors.

Precise Demand Forecasting & Supply Planning

SCP delivers a complete demand and supply plan fully optimized for economics, yet built to consider your unique supply chain rules and constraints. Review, identify and manage demand exceptions while using Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to collaborate seamlessly across business units. 

Add Blue Ridge Price Optimization to SCP to proactively simulate the financial outcome of price changes. The result is untapped accuracy, ordering and inventory positioning, fewer lost sales, and tighter coordination across Sales, Operations, Logistics, Finance and suppliers.

Greater Inventory Turns 

Blue Ridge Benefits

Improved Forecast Accuracy

Better Service Levels

Rapid Results

Fewer Stockouts


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Smart Automation

SCP automates the heavy lifting of your demand forecasting efforts, including identification of seasonality, new items and other demand variability across the entire mix. Powerful machine learning trends and algorithms auto-select the best forecast model for each SKU, adjust your forecast automatically, and continuously improve forecast accuracy to consider all types of demand behavior. The system classifies SKUs using multiple attributes across channels and locations – and goes deep with sophisticated sales and manual forecast analyses – with just a few keystrokes each morning. More time, and more cash available for strategic initiatives. 

Efficient Inventory Allocation

Your complex distribution channel isn’t getting any simpler. SCP enables intelligent inventory allocation and positioning when supply is constrained. Avoid lost sales and profit erosion from poorly positioned inventory. Manage cost-effective in-stock levels in all locations. Respond rapidly to changing conditions with flexible methods of allocation. SCP’s intelligent optimization pairs the optimal replenishment and forecasting strategies for each SKU. So that market change becomes a competitive differentiator, NOT a disrupter. 

Better Results, Sooner

Best of all, Blue Ridge SCP is not a lengthy custom implementation. It configures to your unique environment with time to (live) production in as little as 90 days. Unlike an ERP where supply chain planning is just an afterthought, Blue Ridge SCP is a plug-and-play platform purpose-built for the modern business needs of distributors.

Supply Chain Synchronization

Collaboration across your extended supply chain network does a lot for your profit statement. Fewer customer disappointments, lower OpEx, even better negotiations with suppliers – because you have the right information, right at hand. Blue Ridge SCP calculates the daily need for inventory across your supply chain based on both customer demand and the unique configurations of your network up/downstream. This synchronization softens the business impact of supplier variability, lead times, cost constraints, buying schedules and more to drive rapid ROI. In fact, Blue Ridge customers have reduced full truckloads of inventory per week using SCP’s multi-echelon collaboration.

Optimized Replenishment

Blue Ridge SCP helps you maintain one version of truth in a precise, unified order plan. Calculate and manage supplier lead times, understand seasonality, and put inventory behind the winning SKUs. Optimize order cycles and safety stock, automatically build replenishment orders, and project inventory up to two years in advance, with the ability to adapt plans on the fly as the market dictates. 

Strategic Investments

You can also compare strategic scenarios like investment buys in SCP. Easily model, select and execute scenarios that achieve the best financial outcome. Strategically manage events, forecast promotions, review and identify demand exceptions. Predict the impact of price changes and erratic demand due to regional uniqueness, market fluctuations and large-scale weather events. Analyze the cost-of-service tradeoff of your decisions before you make them. Blue Ridge SCP provides crystal-clear visibility into strategic investments, annual spend and profit opportunities. 

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