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Our 4th annual State of the Supply Chain Industry survey.

We provide an in-depth look at the trends, turbulent factors, and technology constraints impacting hundreds of supply chain-centric organizations in today’s business environment.

As economic factors change, certain themes remain. Examine the visual report and keep this question in mind: what does the current state of the supply chain industry tell us about the future, and where might your organization have gaps?

Key findings from the 2022 survey highlight existing industry roadblocks and a useful roadmap for a more profitable future by examining the following:

  • What are the top forecasting and inventory planning challenges that organizations face, and how have trends changed in recent years?
  • Why are practically half of the respondents in the industry unable to meet consumer demand more than 4% of the time?
  • How are successful supply chain leaders overcoming disruptions and redefining their goals?
  • What should organizations consider to help identify the appropriate processes to implement a supply chain planning (SCP) solution while maintaining a positive return on investment (ROI)?