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Inside the Buyer's Journey: Aligning Supply Chain Strategies

LIVE Webinar | POSTPONED to July 2024 | More Details Coming Soon

Join Blue Ridge for this exclusive webinar to gain an insider’s perspective into the daily challenges, decision-making processes, and strategic considerations of Buyers in the distribution industry. Explore how supply chain planning impacts their roles and learn strategies to better align with Buyer needs and expectations.​

Register today to secure your spot and be part of a session that promises to provide actionable insights into strategic and profitable buying habits!

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Key Components of this webinar will include:

Explore Buyer Challenges: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the daily challenges faced by Buyers in the distribution industry, including managing supplier relationships, balancing inventory levels, and responding to market fluctuations. Learn how these challenges influence their decision-making processes and strategic priorities.
Strategic Alignment with Buyer Needs: Discover actionable strategies to align your supply chain planning with Buyer needs and expectations. This segment will cover best practices for enhancing communication, improving demand forecasting accuracy, and leveraging technology to support Buyers in achieving their goals.
Insights into Profitable Buying Habits: Obtain helpful information for developing and implementing profitable buying habits. This session will provide practical tips on optimizing purchasing decisions, reducing costs, and increasing overall efficiency in the supply chain, ensuring your organization stays competitive in the market.

Featured Speaker

Thomas Mathews

Education Consultant

Blue Ridge

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