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Blue Ridge Partners with the American Supply Association (ASA) to Empower Plumbing & PVF Distributors with Innovative Supply Chain Solutions


Blue Ridge, a leading provider of supply chain software solutions, is proud to announce our strategic partnership with the American Supply Association (ASA), a non-profit organization representing distributors and manufacturers in the plumbing, heating, and PVF (pipe, valve, and fitting) industry.

Through this partnership, Blue Ridge will provide ASA members with access to its industry-leading supply chain planning solutions, designed to help distributors improve inventory management, optimize planning, and gain greater visibility into their operations. Allowing companies to increase customer fill rates, free up cashflow, and increase profitability. Blue Ridge’s team of industry experts will also offer coaching and support to ASA members, ensuring they can maximize the value of the software and achieve their business goals.

“We are thrilled to partner with the ASA to empower distributors with the inventory planning tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive market,” said Kyle Pexton, CEO of Blue Ridge Global. “Our software is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by distributors in the PHCP industry. Navigating robust businesses where spreadsheets, seasonality, manual processes, reactionary demand planning, instinct buying, and poor safety stock strategies are the norm. We are confident that ASA members using Blue Ridge will see significant improvements in efficiency and profitability.”

About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge provides supply chain software that improves planning precision with an unmatched partnership so you can eliminate guesswork and maximize inventory performance.

We empower you with predictive insights and precise buying recommendations based on comprehensive details. You’ll always be prepared and in control, ready to make fast and accurate planning decisions. Our software improves cashflow and increases profitability by optimizing spending, increasing service levels, and reducing overstock and lost sales. Our unmatched LifeLine supply chain software coaching enables you to accelerate software adoption and efficiencies while simplifying buying complexity. We’ll stand by you so that you can be supply chain invincible.

About the American Supply Association

The American Supply Association (ASA) is a nonprofit organization that represents manufacturers and distributors of plumbing, heating, and PVF (pipe, valve, and fitting) products. The ASA works to give its members the ability to adapt, grow, and succeed in the PHCP/PVF industry. They offer a variety of resources to their members, including education, networking opportunities, and advocacy.