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hurricane-disaster-response-preparedness-supply-chainThe COVID-19 pandemic has been the ultimate test of supply chain disaster preparedness. As if that isn’t enough on your plate, June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season.

Yep, you’re juggling 25 balls and someone just tossed a piece of 15th Century Jihong porcelain China to you and said, “Catch!”

There’s good news though.

From Proctor & Gamble’s “ready for anything” supply chain to DHL’s 6-step plan following Hurricane Maria in 2017, which allowed them to get their 10 warehouses on the island up and running within 36 hours, risk of supply chain disaster can be mitigated.

We thought today was a great time to resurrect this article from Supply Chain Dive, which provides some of the supply chain industry’s best risk management lessons learned from past hurricanes, including strategies around:

  • Scenario mapping,
  • Inventory tracking, and
  • Collaboration with industry & public sector partners

In risk planning for hurricanes, it’s a question of when, not if. “We know there are going to be hurricanes in the fall,” Rod Daugherty, the VP of product strategy at Blue Ridge, previously told Supply Chain Dive.

We hope you can use these companies’ experiences and data from devastating supply chain disasters to better prepare for the next one.


Not if, but when: How supply chains prepare for hurricane season

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