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BLUEPRINT Europe 2024
Lobsy Gods, Norway
4 – 5 June 2024

Join us to gain new insights, connect with supply chain experts, explore the latest advancements in supply chain planning, and network with your peers. We will deep dive into demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and unlocking supply chain excellence.

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Agenda at a Glance

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Featured Speaker: Eirill Bø

Teaching Professor - Department of Accounting and Operations Management

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Other Sessions from Blue Ridge Experts, Customers & Partners:

Day 1

09:00 | Opening Remarks

09:05 | BLUEPRINT 2024: Be Supply Chain Invincible

09:45 | Keynote Speaker

10:45 | Networking Break

11:15 | Explore the 2024 Product Roadmap

12:00 | Networking Lunch

13:00 | Trends in Supply Chain Planning – Øyvind Boiesen @ EY Norway

13:45 | Using Blue Ridge for 1 Year – Elkjøp Nordic AS

14:15 | Networking Break

14:30 | Systems Synergies between OMS/WMS and Blue Ridge at Mestergruppen – Solwr

15:00 | 10 min Break

15:10 | The burgers and cured meat sossages you eat have been planned by Blue Ridge – Grilstad AS

15:40 | 5 min Break

15:45 | BLUEPRINT Kahoot SCP Masters Contest

16:45 | Day 1 Closing Remarks

17:00 | Break

18:00 | Evening Cocktail Reception

19:00 | The famous Losby Gods Chef’s Dinner and Award Ceremonies

Day 2

09:00 | Opening Remarks

09:15 | BLUEPRINT 2024: Unpacking the 2023 State of the Industry Report

09:45 | 10 min Break

09:55 | Xpression Unveiled: Live Demo of Our Cutting-Edge Platform

10:40 | 10 min Break

10:50 | Supply Chain Optimization: There is so much more! – Optilog

11:20 | 5 min Break

11:25 | Group Assignment – Part 1

12:00 | Networking Lunch

13:00 | Group Assignment – Part 2

14:30 | BLUEPRINT Recap and Closing Remarks

15:00 | Departure

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