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Plug in and work the way you want to. Frictionless ERP connectivity, rapid value by design.

More Than 40 ERP Connectors

Seamlessly connect your favorite tools to Blue Ridge and see value faster.

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Go live and see value typically in 90 days or less, without creating a big IT project. Blue Ridge customers have successfully integrated with major ERP providers and many other leading industry-specific ERP solutions.

Our open, cloud-native architecture is designed for frictionless connectivity, even if you don't see your ERP provider below. With a solid track record of zero failed implementations with over 40 different ERP solutions, Blue Ridge is the best choice for low-risk business resiliency.

FAQs About ERP Connectivity

An ERP will never get you the level of precision or rapid adaptability needed to keep up with changing demand and right-sizing your inventory–it just wasn’t designed to. Blue Ridge Planning was purpose-built for managing inventory for the distribution, retail and light manufacturing industries. Its configurable design was built to overcome the challenge of achieving and improving service levels while reducing the overall inventory levels and carrying costs incurred.

Blue Ridge provides a depth of capabilities to handle the full spectrum of inventory (fast, slow, erratic, etc.). Its automation and ease-of-use make it easy for you to improve the overall profitability of the company. Strategic tools like forward-buy (or deal-buy) analysis, order cycle optimization and supplier collaboration take inventory management to a whole new level.

Overall, Blue Ridge has connected with over 40 different ERP solutions, typically going live in 90 days or less and, on average, with full ROI in less than 7 months.

Blue Ridge Planning and Pricing solutions scale to the size and complexity of your client’s business. Not to mention, Blue Ridge Partners may be eligible to receive discounts on their initial software purchase. The software will more than pay for itself in the first months of go live. We have the proof points and references to prove it. On average, over 97% of recommended orders are unaltered (speaking to the precision of the system). In addition, Blue Ridge has retained over 98% of our customers throughout the years.

Blue Ridge offers a unique level of assurance unmatched by any other provider in the industry. Blue Ridge LifeLine Consulting is a team of former demand planning and purchasing professionals who proactively monitor your client’s performance, identify opportunities and guide their team to achieve and sustain the KPIs agreed upon on the management level. Best of all, this service is included with every software subscription.

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