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PlanningPosts Gives Distributors Weekly Inventory Optimization Strategies to Solve Key Demand Forecasting Challenges

ATLANTA, Georgia – October 9, 2019 – Blue Ridge Global, a leading provider of cloud-native supply chain solutions, is sponsoring a new supply chain planning blog and podcast at The site provides weekly inventory optimization strategies for wholesale and retail distributors that struggle with the growing complexities of managing customer demand and protecting margins in today’s supply chain.

Volatility of demand continues to be the number-one challenge for the distribution and wholesale sector, cited by 75 percent of respondents in the 2019 State of The Wholesale Supply Chain report. Over 60 percent said they are carrying more than one month of inventory on-hand to avoid stockout-related sales loss; however, the research showed that despite having more products in stock, these companies saw a drop in their customer service levels since 2018.

“PlanningPosts is unraveling the uncertainties and economic pressures that prevent distributors and wholesalers from achieving their business goals,” said Blue Ridge Chief Executive Officer Jim Byrnes. “Whether or not companies buy supply chain planning solutions from Blue Ridge, the industry needs this.” is updated weekly with free articles, podcasts and perspectives from industry experts on how to improve forecast accuracy and service levels while minimizing costly supply chain surprises, such as:

  • Changes in customer preferences for products, channels & deliveries
  • Long & erratic lead times
  • Unexpected price hikes from tariffs or suppliers
  • New ecommerce competition
  • Rising transportation costs & driver shortages

Additionally, PlanningPosts offers inventory optimization strategies for improving a company’s profit picture at-scale – such as forward buying, data-driven forecasting with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and supply chain planning integrated with price optimization solutions. Subscribe or learn more about PlanningPosts at