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Leading Norwegian roofing manufacturer to use Blue Ridge solutions to plan pan-European manufacturing and logistics–

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, April 16, 2020Blue Ridge, a leader in supply chain planning solutions, announced today that Isola, a leading roofing manufacturer in Norway, has selected Blue Ridge to help execute its new supply chain planning strategy. Isola is dedicated to developing, testing and manufacturing products that help their clients become more productive and energy-efficient, and the company now has a diverse network of production plants and distribution centers across Europe.

Due to climate change, seasonal variations, trends, promotions and frequent product replacements, Isola’s markets are becoming more complex and production planning and supply chain planning requires increased precision. The manufacturing company decided to take the leap and use Blue Ridge cloud-based planning solutions through its Norwegian partner, Inventory Investments AS.

“Blue Ridge has in record time managed to cover our total planning needs across our entire supply chain,” said Steffen-André Welfler, vice president of logistics, operations and IT, Isola. “It is fascinating to witness the solution capturing a change in demand in one market and instantly adjusting the future supply plans for raw materials. It is just a completely new world for us.”

“The process so far has given us some great insights, and I look forward to the continued competence lift and professionalism this gives our entire organization,” said Bjørnar Gulliksen, CEO, Isola. “It gives us great opportunities to become even more competitive in our production. And we can deliver even more agile supply chain solutions to our customers.”

Blue Ridge’s Supply Chain Planning solutions create highly efficient inventory allocation and intelligent replenishment across all locations and channels, both downstream to customers and upstream with suppliers.

Blue Ridge’s current European customer base includes customers across a number of industries, including grocery wholesaler K. Ekrheim, retailer Spar Kjøp, telecommunications operator Tele2 AB, hard goods distributor TESS AS and wine and spirits 3PL provider Vectura AS.

“Blue Ridge is committed to helping companies like Isola navigate the foreseeable future with increased precision through supply chain planning and inventory forecasting,” said Maarten Baltussen, vice president and Europe general manager, Blue Ridge. “Blue Ridge continues to see great activity and expansion in Europe through great partners like Inventory Investment AS.”

“A growing number of our customers have complex distribution and production plan networks that can benefit from the planning power of Blue Ridge technology,” said Sverre Rosmo, chief executive officer, Inventory Investment.

About Isola

Based in Porsgrunn, Norway, Isola is a leading roofing manufacturer that aims to lead the industry in supplying high-quality functional and up-to-date solutions for roofs, floors, walls and the ground. The manufacturing company has a diverse network of production plants and distribution centers throughout Europe. For more information, visit